China Wholesale Simple Decoration Glass Printing Machine in Car Oil Cap

China Wholesale Simple Decoration Glass Printing Machine in Car Oil Cap

Product Description


Pad printers and screen printers suitable for printing in plastic rubber, metal glass, ceramic wood products and other materials, widely used in glass cosmetics, stationery office supplies, electronic appliances, process decoration, medicine, ceramics and other fields. Can print exquisite effect on the plane, sphere and surface such as pen ruler, makeup bottle, glass bottle, industrial glove, fishing rod lamp tube long rod, glass touch screen, film circuit, electronic parts, keypad, medical tube, chip, memory card, computer mobile phone furniture tool shell and so on.

OP-162CEdouble color pad printer with convery

Main performance of the oil pan printer :
1. Automatic touch computer control, Key operation program is flexible and reliable.
2.Using German original (FEST)/Japanese SMC precision pneumatic components, Accessories for CNC machine tools, Excellent quality, Stable performance.
3.The air way water shelf adopts German original FEST/ Japanese SMC.
4. Precision design, Rubber head CNC fine-tuning function to ensure that the rubber head printing does not deform.
5. Except for monochrome, X, of each oil pan seat From Y, perspective, The color is accurate, Improve production efficiency.
6. Select hardened shaft bearings and bearings, Hard to wear, Improve the service life of the equipment.
7. Fully automatic scraper system with steel plates, Clean ink, The print is clear.
8. Printed countertops with vertical, horizontal and self-locking devices, Make sure the printing is accurate.
Model OP-162CE
The Stander Diameter of the Ink-cup (mm ): Φ90
The Ink cup Plate Size (mm ): 200*100
Maximum Pad Pressure (kg): 120
Maximum Printing Speed (Cycles/hour ): 1800
Maximum Height of  Work pieces (mm): 240
Power Requirement : 220V/50HZ/50W
Pressure Requirement(bar): 4-6
Machine Weight(kg): 145
Machine Size (mm): 850*670*1360

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Automatic Grade

Stander Diameter of The Ink-Cup(mm )

The Ink Cup Plate Size (mm )

Maximum Pad Pressure (Kg)

Maximum Printing Speed(Cycles/Hour )

Maximum Height of Work Pieces (mm)

Power Requirement

Pressure Requirement(Bar)

Machine Weight(Kg)

Machine Size (mm)

Transport Package
Wooden Case for Export


Made in China

HS Code

Production Capacity
1000sets Per Month