China Waste Water Treatment Plant for Coconut Oil Wastewater Treatment a Combination of Daf and Flocculation

China Waste Water Treatment Plant for Coconut Oil Wastewater Treatment a Combination of Daf and Flocculation

Product Description

DAF Plant Dissolved Air Flotation For Waste Water Treatment System

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A world-leading wastewater management company, QDEVU are the designers and manufacturers of the Sentinel, DAF, Bio and Seawater & Brackish water treatment systems. We can design and build effluent treatment systems to remove and reduce a wide range of pollutants from agrochemicals to heavy metals. We can also offer full operation and maintenance contracts to our clients.
As leading waste effluent problem solvers with plants in 20 countries worldwide, WMEC offer a very comprehensive service specifically designed to effectively, safely and economically treat a wide range of industrial and agricultural waste effluents in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.


Product Briefing

The DAF is a diffused aeration flocculation system that is designed to treat oil and fat based products. The QDEVU DAF system has been designed for dealing with suspended solids.

Working Process

Process Flow Chart

Product Parameter

Model Flow Rate (m3/h) Dimension (m) Dissolved Air Pump (Kw) Air Compressor (Kw) Total Power (Kw)
QD-DAF-5 5 3.0*1.0*1.2 1.1 1.5
QD-DAF-10 10 3.5*1.2*1.5 1.5 1.9
QD-DAF-20 20 5.0*1.5*1.5 3.0 3.4
QD-DAF-30 30 6.0*1.8*2.0 4.0 4.4
QD-DAF-50 50 7.0*2.0*2.0 7.5 3.0 11.12
QD-DAF-70 70 9.0*2.0*2.0 7.5 3.0 11.5
QD-DAF-80 80 9.5*2.5*2.0 7.5 4.0 14.1
QD-DAF-100 100 12.0*2.5*2.0 11.0 4.0 17.6
QD-DAF-150 150 14.0*3.0*2.5 15.0 5.5 23.8
QD-DAF-200 200 16.0*3.0*2.5 18.5 5.5 27.1

(The parameters above can be customized)

Component Display


1 Small footprint, Low energy consumption; Easy operation; Simple management;

2 Efficient dissolved air; Stable treatment effect ; Full-automatic operation;

3 GFA Type Dissolved Air Systerm is used in this device. It has ingenious structure, and its efficiency of dissolving air is as high as 90%. But its volume is only one-fifth of the other kind of dissolved air system. In addition, it still has the super anti-clogging ability which is incomparable;

4 Release effect and the mean diameter of microbubble is only between 15 to 30 microns. In addition that,this kind of dissolved air releasers also has the self-cleaning ability;

5 This device also applies GLG Type Chained Scum Skimmer, works Smooth and reliably and skims scum efficiently.


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1000 Sets/Year