China Walnut Oil Can Making Production Line Can Welding Machine

China Walnut Oil Can Making Production Line Can Welding Machine

Product Description



Capacity 42/60 cans/min
Diameter 52-190mm
Max height 280mm
Tinplate thickness ≤0.4mm
Motor Power 30kw


No.  Machine Quantity(sets)
1 Gang Slitter 1
2 Automatic roller & welder 1
3 Water chiller 1
4 Automatic flanging machine 1
5 Automatic seamers 2
6 Automatic spot welders 1


Automatic single slitter
This slitter can be used for trimming and cutting 
sheet into strip type as well.
Machine dimension :6000x1600x1800mm
Motor power : 5.5KW, 380,50/60HZ
Cutting width : 1050mm
Cutting size Max : 1100x1100mm
Speed : 50 pieces per min
Total weight : 5000 kgs
Feeing device introduction :
 With loading weight of 3 TON.
With auto-lift in feeding lid.And auto-down at last
piece. With double sheet detective and brake motor.
With magnetic to seperate.
2, Feeding conveyor with rectify table.
3, Slitter
 Cutting balde : Cr12Mov
 Sheet size : 42-1200mm
Cutting blade : 7 pcs
4, Stacking device
 With loading weight of 3 TON.
 Can be used for strip or trimming sheet stacking.
Stacking down automatically.
Stacking parts has the roller installed.

2,Automatic seam welders


Model: FH18-65
Power: 3N380V/50HZ-10KVA
Welding speed: 6-12m/min
Capacity: 20-50cans/min
Diameter: ¢52-180mm
Height: 200–450mm
Overlap: 0.8-1.0-1.2mm
Thickness: 0.25-0.42mm
Copperwire: ¢1.5-1.7mm
Cooling water: ≥0.3Mpa 8-10L/min
Net Weight: 1300kgs

3,Automatic flanging and seamer machine


 can height : 70-280mm
Can Diameter : 99-180 mm
Speed : 60 cans per min
Motor power : 5.5 KW
Dimension :7500x1800x2350mm
with PLC control system and servo motor transmission system, make sure the
machine working safely and stably.
Main Parameter :
1,This machine is included by the automatic flanging ring seaming, bottom seaming .
The flanging & seaming machine including machine frame,input conveyor ,can clamp
system,flanging head, seaming head,lid seperating device and output convyor.(Include
can turning device),Pneumatic system,lubricant system and control system. The seamer
machine including machine frame,input conveyor, can sending device,seaming head
lid seperating device,output conveyor and pneumatic system,control system.
2,This machine is taken the PLC automation controlling system.
3, This machine can used for make several sizes of cans after change moulds.Use the
can clamping device and lid seperately device make this easier.
4,There is a rope conveyor before flanging which is more convinent for the can goes 
into the line after welder.4, Conveyor is take the plastic chain conveyor which can
 avoid the damage for can body.
5, No cluth at can seaming head. Which assure the seamer more use life.
6,Lubricant is done by PLC automatically. and the frequency can be setting.
7, One air cylinder is isntalled at the flanging and seamer machine which can make 
sure themachine working more stable,accurat and reliable

5, Automatic earlug spot welders

Company profile:
Jiangxi United Can Equipment Co.,ltd,China,is a company can provide all the solutions for Tinplate can making, Steel Drum making project for more than 20 years . Our machines can be used for food packaging industry,Chemical packaging industry ,Medical packaging industry etc.
 Tinplate Can Machines Including Automatic slitter,Automatic welder,Automatic body flanging machine,Automatic seamer machines.Automatic press line for top and bottom making ,Automatic progressive dies. And some other components, sealing compound which are necessary in metal can packaging;
 Steel drum Making machine including, Automatic uncoiler line,Automatic press for top and bottom cover, Precurling and lining machine, Dies, Injection hole dies ,Automatic drum welders, Body flanging machine , Drum body leakage tester machine,Drum seamers ,Drum washing and printing lines etc .
 And we also provide those compounds,Locking rings,Seals, Copper wires etc.
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Parameters Table

Model NO.


Production Capacity
1000 Sets Per Year