China Vacuum Lube Transformer Oil Purification Equipment for Low and Medium Viscosity Oil

China Vacuum Lube Transformer Oil Purification Equipment for Low and Medium Viscosity Oil

Product Description

Vacuum lube transformer oil purification equipment for low and medium viscosity oil

Viking  has the ambition to be the hydraulic and lubricating oil filtration, separation and purification experts.

We design and produce the oil purifier for industry manufacturing & oil & gas.

Here is our oil purifier series:
Coalescence and Separation Turbine Oil Purifier
Light Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier 
Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier
Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier
Heavy Duty Gear Oil Purifier
Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Vacuum Centrifugal Oil Purifier
Portable/mobile oiler filter cart

Product Description

VKVP Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier
Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier
VKVP Heavy Duty 
Gear Oil Purifier
VKVP Double Stage High Vacuum 
Transformer Oil Purifier

Excellent water removal capacity
Effective auxiliary equipment for bypass filtration

Water Removal:100% free water and 90% dissolved water.
Gas Removal : 100% free gas, related to operating vacuum setting.
Pollutants Removal: sediment and contaminative particles

Real Picture:

Outline Drawing:

Code VKVP70 VKVP100 VKVP200
Treatment capacity (L / min) 70 100 200
Inlet pressure (bar) -0.4~1
Outlet pressure (bar) ≤8
Normal operating vacuum (bar) -0.6~-0.9
Inlet size M60x2
Outlet size M60x2
Maximum oil viscosity
 (CST) < 460
<100cst ≤100cst~320cst ≤320cst~460cst <100cst ≤100cst~320cst ≤320cst~460cst <100cst ≤100cst~320cst ≤320cst~460cst
Total power (kw) 18.25 19.35 25.35 25.95 27.05 36.05 38 41 43.5
Application range of oil Hydraulic oil, lubricating oil
Temperature range (ºC) 40~70ºC
Net weight reference (kg) 790 980 1100
Dimension reference Length mm 1550 1600 1750
Width mm 1250 1450 1450
Height mm 2000 2200 2300
Water removal Free water   100%Free water
Dissolved water    95%Dissolved water
Gas Removal Free gas   100%Free gas
dissolved gas     90%dissolved gas

VKCP Coalescence and Separation Turbine Oil Purifier
VKCP Light 
Diesel Fuel 
Oil Purifier

Precision filtration and efficient dehydration in one
Large flow continuous processing
Large processing capacity
high efficiency and low energy consumption
Final cleanliness of the oil:reach NAS1638 grade 6, the free water content is less than 100 PPM

Filtration cycle: It can be used separately as particle filtration equipment.
Dehydration cycle: It can remove emulsified water and free water from steam turbine oil.

Real Picture

Outline Drawing

Model VKCP50 VKCP100
Treatment Capacity (L / min) 50 100
Inlet Pressure (Bar) -0.4~1
Outlet Pressure (Bar) ≤8
Standard Working Vacuum (bar) -0.6~-0.9
Inlet Dimension M60x2
Outlet Dimension M60x2
Total Power (kw) 1.5 3
Application Range of Oil Low Viscosity Lubricants
Maximum oil viscosity (CST) ≤46
Temperature range (ºC) 40~70ºC
Net Weight (kg) 450 560
Dimensions Length mm 1200 1600
Width mm 750 900
Height mm 1560 1750
Dehydration Water Content ≤ 15%

VKLP Vacuum Centrifugal Oil Purifier
Real Picture 

Purification Efficiency
1.remove solid pollutants in oil and water 
2.remove water and air in dissolved and free state.

1. No filter material consumption: 

 The oil purifier adopts the centrifugal vacuum compound principle without oil filtration material.
2. Large sewage carrying capacity
The sewage carrying capacity is greater than 500g, which is unmatched by any other filtering equipment.
3. Long maintenance interval
Due to the large sewage carrying capacity, it can work for a long time before maintenance is required.
4. Wide applicable environmental conditions
VKLP centrifugal oil purifier can work normally within the range of oil kinematic viscosity of 3-1000cst, which can not be reached by any other forms of oil purifiers.
5. High purification efficiency
The machine can meet the requirements of pollution control level at one pass, and the flow can reach 60L / min, which is difficult for other oil purification equipment.
The relationship between flow and viscosity of VKLP oil purifier is as follows:

Name Oil Viscosity mm²/s
  5±2 15±5 50±10 300±50
Flow Rate L/min 60 50 45 25
Cleaness Class NAS1638 3 Class

Oil Filter Cart


Our Advantages

1. Independent product design departments and laboratories
2. Technicians have more than ten years of R & D background of international famous companies in the hydraulic, lubrication and water treatment industries.
3. ISO9001 and SGS Qualification and Patent Certificate
4. Our oil filters elemenscan fully replace the well known brand like PALL, HYDAC, PARKER, INTERNORMEN, MAHLE and so on.
5. Well known cooperator:
GE, MAN, LINDE, SIMENS, ALSTOM, AIRLIQUE,Atlas,Hitachi Group, Mitsubishi Group,Hangzhou Turbine,Domgfang Electric (DEC)
6. Widely Application Area: Metallurgical, petrochemical, electric power, engineering machinery and mining enterprises
7. Quality Control: IQC-IPQC-FQA-OQC

Well Known Cooperate Company

Changzhou Viking has cooperate so many international and domestic famous group and company .
Changzhou Viking has enjoyed good reputation in hydraulic and lube around the world.

Application Case

Changzhou Viking Filtration & Seperation & Purification Series Products has been widely applied in gas & oil, industry manufacturing, Metallurgical, petrochemical, electric power, engineering machinery and mining enterprises.

Our Capability

Changzhou Viking has our independent product design departments and laboratories and professional technical engineer team.
We have our own filter elements/cartridge and oil purifier workshop.

Qality Control: IQC-IPQC-FQA-OQC

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Standard Working Vacuum

Inlet Dimension

Outlet Dimension


Total Power

Application Range of Oil
Hydraulic Oil, Lubricating Oil

Temperature Range
40-70 Degree

Net Weight

Water Content ≤15%

Free Water
100%Free Water

Dissolved Water
95%Dissolved Water

Free Gas
100%Free Gas

Dissolved Gas
90%Dissolved Gas

Transport Package
Wooden Case

1600*1450*2200 mm


Changzhou, Jiangsu, P. R. China

Production Capacity