China Vacuum Dried Ginger Nut Nuts Oil Fruits Fd Vacuum Freeze Dry Dryer Drying Equipment

China Vacuum Dried Ginger Nut Nuts Oil Fruits Fd Vacuum Freeze Dry Dryer Drying Equipment

Product Description

4Kg-6Kg/Batch Mini Freeze Dryer for Laboratory and Home Use


Factory Direct Online & Video Technical After-Sales Service Available!

— Free upgrade from Single chip microcomputer (SCM) control system into PLC One-Key Start fully automatic control system.
Product Description


Small Vacuum Freeze Dryer Mini Lyophilizer NovaDryer-HF400  is used for freeze dry of samples in laboratory,hospitals, food industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as for food industry.

Main Features

  • Max. 6Liter (6Kg)/batch freeze drying capacity for laboratory and food use
    (More models from 1Kg/batch~1000Kg/Batch available. Click Here)

  • Micro controller with color LCD Touch screen and password protection
  • One-key start automatic freeze drying process including pre-freezing, cold trap refrigeration, vacuum pumping, drying and insulation
  • 7/8HP Powerful SECOP compressor with R404a CFC free refrigerant (Optional: Oil-free vacuum pump)
  • Powder coated exterior (Optional: Stainless steel. Click here for details)
  • Stainless steel sample tray and chamber
  • Thermostatic shelf heating
  • Detachable sample rack and removable rubber gasket, easy for cleaning
  • Clear acrylic door with direct observation of sample processing
  • Free installation and operation training is offered

How Healthy Is Freeze-Dried Fruit?

Freeze-dried fruit is similar to dried fruit, because it has been dehydrated, but it has a crunchy texture. The nutrients that freeze-dried fruit contains offer several health benefits, making it a good addition to a well-balanced diet.

√ Low In Calories

√ High in Fiber

√ 100% Antioxidants Preserved

√ Natural Sweetness, No Added Sugar, 

√ Nutrients As Fresh Frui


Product Small Vacuum Freeze Dryer Mini Lyophilizer for Lab,Farm and Home
Model NovaDryer-HF400
Shelf Area 0.35cm2
Shelf Size 200×450(x4PCS)
Shelf Space 45mm
Single Batch of Samples (Kg/24Hr) 4-6 Kilo/batch
Cold Trap Temperature(OC) -35~60
Extreme Vacuum Degree(Pa) 10
Dimensions (WxDxH,mm) 550x890x870
Power(W) 1100
Power Supply AC220V/50-60Hz (Optiional: 110V/60Hz)
N.W./G.W.(Kg) 87/145

 Specifications may change without notice. Please confirm with us before ordering.

New functionsNew functions

USB Data Export to trace your history freeze drying parameters.

Company Profile

With R&D and production base in Shanghai as well as over 15 years of manufacturing experience in international market for constant temperature equipment (thermal & refrigeration equipment) for laboratory, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and home use, Senova is to serve global distributors with both reliable products complying with international standard and after-sales service.


Q What is HS code of this freeze dryer?
A 8419399090
Q How can I get a quotation and brochure with pictures and technical details?
A You only need to advise a specific model and quantity you need, you will receive our quotation with details.
Q What are advantages of your freeze dryer in price and quality?
A 1. For a freeze dryer, the price is important but it is not the most important. Its performance and quality are more important.
  2. In the market, there are too many low-end freeze dryers with very low price. You may buy a cheap freeze dryer but
  get many headaches in the next coming years. Do not waste your budget on a cheap product in poor quality any more!
  3. When you choose a freeze dryer, please remember to check important specifications such as:
  þNo-load Freezing Time  þ Maximum weight(Kg) per Batch  þPre-Freezing Time   þFreeze Drying Time
  þMin. Tray Temperature     þTray Material and Qty         þBrand and power of compressor(decides freeze dry speed)  
  þVacuum Pump Speed   þVacuum Pump Power      þDefrost Method                     þDefrost Time
  þTray Size & Space (It decides the size of food/fruit/flowers/samples for freeze drying)
  þController (LED/LCD/Soft Touch Colour LCD)          þUser Programming
  4. For our specifications, please contact us for details.
Q Power supply in our country is 110V/60Hz or 220V/60Hz instead of 220V/50Hz. Does this freeze dryer work?
A Our freeze dryers can be used for power supply of 200V-240V/50Hz, 200V-240V/60Hz and 110V/60Hz.
  Please indicate your local power supply when an order is placed.
Q Can this freeze dryer be used for laboratory?
A Yes, it can be used for solid and liquid samples for laboratories.
Q Can this freeze dryer be used for home purpose?
A Yes, it can be used for flowers and food including fruit, vegetables, milk, coffee, even pet food.
Q How can I choose a right model?
A We have 3 models of small/mini freeze dryers: NovaDryer-HF100, HF400 and HF600 with different capacity and
  shelf space. Please contact us so we can recommend you a proper model according to the capacity (Kg/batch or L/batch) your need and the size of your food, fruit, vegetables, flowers or samples.
Q What is the normal operating vacuum level?
A Its vacuum degree is 15Pa.
Q Is this freeze dryer available in English version?
A Yes, it is a must! We are selling our freeze dryers worldwide, the freeze dryer, user manual and training course are
  all in English. please contact us for photos for your preview.
Q Is the user manual available in English or other languages?
A Yes, our standard user manual is in English. If the user manual in other languages is needed in your country, we can
  give you special support by offering you English manual for your translation, then we print it here and include the user manual in your Language inside the package before shipment.
Q The socket in our country is different from yours. Can the plug change into our local standard?
A Yes. The power cords with various plugs are available. Please indicate your request for the plug, so we can offer the
  power cord with the proper plug accordingly.
Q Is this freeze dryer ready to use when we receive it?
A The freeze dryer is ready to use. You only need to follow the user manual to connect the vacuum pump to the freeze
  dryer. Plug it into your socket to power on, then you can start to operate it by using the soft touch screen. Remember, to ensure proper use of this freeze dryer, you need to read the user manual first!
Q This is my first time to order this freeze dryer. Is it difficult to install and operate the freeze dryer?
A We offer various information to ensure easy and fast installation at your side. These information includes:
  – User manual
  – Installation instruction
  – Check List with pictures of each accessories included in the package.
  – A video on quick installation and operation guide which you can watch by mobile phone or PC.
Q To start use of this freeze dryer, do we need to buy parts and accessories locally?
A You do not need to buy any parts locally. For a standard packing list, please contact us for preview. A packing list
  is also included in the user manual which is offered together with the goods.
Q A oil vacuum pump is included as stadard configuration, but can I change it into a oil-free vacuum pump?
A Yes, you can. For extra cost, please contact us for a quotation.
Q What is your standard package?
A To ensure safety of the goods during international shipment by sea or air, we only use plywood case instead of
  cartons or other fragile packages.
Q Can this freeze dryer be shipped by air?
A Yes. It can. For shipment by air, as there is a compressor with refrigerant, a chemical inspection and a magnet
  inspection are compulsory to be made by the authorities before shipment with extra cost  (About USD170/shipment for chemical inspection and about USD80/unit for magnet inspection which are not included in our price). If you can wait, we suggest shipment by sea so as to reduce your cost. If you need it urgent, it can be shipped by air too.
Q Can we check the quality before shipment?
A Yes. Before shipment, we can offer real pictures and videos of the actual freeze dryer with all the accessories which
  you order so you can see its quality and performance before packing. After you confirm everything is accepted, we can ship the goods according to delivery schedule.
Q You are a Chinese company, why do we need to make payment to Citibank Singapore(Citibank N.A Singapore Branch)?
A This is Alibaba policy for its Gold Supplier. It is an offshore bank account and Alibaba ensures your payment will be received by the supplier.
Q How can we pay for the freeze dryer?
A Visa or Master Credit Card or by T/T. 
Q What is your standard delivery time?
A 5-10 working days after receiving your payment. It depends on quantity you order. 
Q Where is your company location ? How can we visit there ?
A Our factory is in Shanghai, the most booming city in China , 30Km away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
  Welcome to visit us !
Q What certification do you have?
A ISO 9001 and CE certificate.
Q What is your service?
A Online technical support for consultancy and trouble shooting
  Video training and demonstration
  Quick supply of spare parts ensured
  Factory training is provided if necessary
Q What is your warranty?
A 12-month standard warranty. 14 month warranty is provided for inventory order to keep stock. Lifetime maintenance.

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