China Top Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediate Castor Oil CAS 8001

China Top Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediate Castor Oil CAS 8001

Product Description


Castor oil CAS 8001-79-4

Product Description

It is used to manufacture plasticizer, dibasic acid, polyurethane coating, rubber, adhesive, fatty acid, surfactant, insulating oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, Turkish red oil, soap, polyamide -11 fiber and so on. Dehydrating castor oil to obtain conjugated double bond dry grease. A variety of products can be obtained by hydrogenation under different conditions, so it is widely used in various industrial departments. Medicinal castor oil is an irritant laxative. Mainly acts on the small intestine for catharsis..

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Product Name Castor oil
MF C57H104O9
EINECS 232-293-8
Related categories Anti-sticking agent; Lubricant; Food processing AIDS; Food additives; Release agent; Chemical auxiliaries; Leather chemicals; Leather fatliquoring agent; Other organic reagents; Flavors and spices; Other biochemical reagents; Intermediate; Plant extracts; Planting and extracting; Essential oils; Medical raw materials; Natural plant base oil; Plant essential oil beauty daily chemical raw materials; Natural plant essential oil; Base oil; Organic chemical raw materials; Inorganic chemical raw materials; Chemical products-organic chemical industry; Organic intermediate; Chemical reagent; Medical raw materials; Additives;


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