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Three-Stage Filter Dielectric Oil Recondition Plant 9000liters/Hour

Three-stage Filter Dielectric Oil Recondition Plant 9000Liters/Hour, transformer oil purifier can remove the water, gas and impurities in insulation oil high-efficiently, increasing the pressure force and quality of oil, make sure the electric device running safely. The machine is mainly used for electric power department and industries to deal with various oils such as transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil and so on. The machine is especially for purifying the insulation oil in all kinds of large power equipments that are above 110KV, especially for the altitude is over 500 meters.

1. High vacuum limiting vacuum less than 5pa, working vacuum less than 35pa.
2. High absorption speed, absorption speed power more than 333L/Sr.
3. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology, eliminating the liquid water very effectively.
4. UK G technology by which the trace water that is show chain, such

as dissolved water, can be removed effectively.
5. Distinctive removing impurities technology filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power.

6.Especially applied to vacuum oiling and drying for power transmission equipments that are over 110kv.
7.Can be operated both on-load and off load.
8. Carbon fiber infrared heating system that can make the oil contains zero sum of ethyne after treatment.
9.can be used to dry the electric equipment and input the oil into the electric equipment under the vacuum state.

10..The machine adopts the double-infrared liquid automatic controller, sensitive automatic
pressure protector and the high effective equipment for degas, so it is easy to operate.

Oil Technical Parameter After Processing:
Breakdown voltage>75KV
Water content<3PM
Gas content<0.1%
Particles size<1um without free carbon
Acidity<0.03 mgKOH/g

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Unit ZYD-30 ZYD-50 ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200 ZYD-250 ZYD-300
Flow Rate L/H 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Working Vacuum Mpa -0.08 ~-0.099
Working Pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temp Range ºC 20 ~80
Power Supply   380V, 50Hz, 3Phase( As per required)
Working Noise Db 60 – 80 (Depended on the configuation)
Heating Power KW 30 60 90 135 150 165 180
Total Power KW 35 67.5 101.5 149 164   198
Inlet/Outlet Diam MM 25 32 42 50 50 60 60
Weight KG 450 550 750 950 1200 1850 2000
Size Length MM 1450 1450 1750 1850 1950 2050 2150
Width MM 950 1000 1250 1300 1350 1400 1450
Height MM 1700 1750 1950 2000 2050 2100 2150
Dielectric Strength KV ≥ 75-85
Water Content PPM ≤ 3
Gas Content % ≤ 0.1
Particle Size μ ≤ 3
Cleanliness ≤NAS 1638 Grade 5

REXON Oil Purification Machines can bring you below:
→Purifying your transformer oil high efficiently
→Maintain your transformer oil always in good status
→Save your old transformer oil replacement cost 
→Solve your waste transformer oil disposal problem
→Guarantee your transformers working normally with qualified oil property

→Protect your transformers and power equipment by oil pollution problems
→Reduce your maintenance time, energy and invest on transformers and power plant
→Create a safety and cleaning oil use environment for your transformers of power station
→Bring a green oil ideal to the world and save oil energy for all of our generations

Three-stage Filter Dielectric Oil Recondition Plant 9000Liters/Hour, high vacuum dehydration transformer oil filtration machine adopts two-stage high vacuum system, high efficiency three-stage filter system, high-power low-temperature heating system, constant temperature heating control system, intelligent electronic control system, PLC control system, automatic oil level The detection system, the vacuum detection system, and the safety protection system, etc., REXON machines are constructed using the latest oil filtering technology and internationally renowned brand accessories.

After Sales Service
-We will help to arrange the transport and shipping for the machine to customer.
-We offer full set documents for customs clearance at customer’s destination port.
-We will offer lifetime technical support for our equipment, free technical upgrade, free or chargeable spare parts supply, etc.
-We offer online service for customers 24 hours everyday. If you have any question while using our machine, you can contact us by online chat software, or by email, phone etc, we will get back to you very soon within 4 hours.
-We will also offer operation training for free in our factory and offer door-to-door service to send our engineer to your place for the machine’s installation service and operation training if you need.
-Installation, Operation and Maintenance details will be in the operation manual booklet and videos which will be sent to you with machine.
-Rexon’s guarantee time is two years for each of our equipment. 

Spare Parts:

Stainless Steel Filter

Italian Brand: SEIM Oil Pump

Option Items:

Digital Vacuum Meter

Insulating Strength BDV Tester

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Onsit Project

Packing & Delivery:

We are the biggest leading manufacture of oil purifiers for all kinds of used or new oils in China. We supply best quality machines and offer professional technical support, A-class after-sales-service for customers. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to guarantee any quality uncertainty. We design and produce our oil purifier machines with high quality raw materials and mature-technology by lots of well qualified technicians and skilled workers.

For more information, please contact us. And kindly leave your Email, Tel, Mobile No. etc. then we can feedback to you immediately. Thank you.

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Production Capacity

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Working Principle 2
Multi-Stage Oil Filtering

Working Principle 3
Constant Heating Oil

Working Principle 4
Online Work

Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel


Green, Blue, White, Yellow, or as Required

Power Data
380V, 3phase, 50Hz or as Required

Function 1
Insulating Oil Regeneration

Function 2
Insulating Oil Degassing

Function 3
Insulating Oil Dewatering

Function 4
Oil Filling for Transformers

Function 5
Transformer Drying

Function 6
Transformer Vacuum Evacuation

Function 7
Transformer Vacuum Detection

Transport Package
Wooden Cases



Chongqing, China

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