China Sunflower Screw Oil Presser for Sunflower with Easy Operation

China Sunflower Screw Oil Presser for Sunflower with Easy Operation

Product Description


Product Description

Air pressure filter

Brief Description:
RF600 air pressure filter is my factory developed a new oil fliter.Its greatest feature:Use positive
pressure, easy slag, no oil stock, high eficiency, cleaning oil, etc.Mainly used to filter the various
crude oil squeezed by screw oil press machine, other oils with solid impurities can also be filtered.

Working Principle:
This machine is mainly composed of oil drums, air compressors, groove button and other
components, the working principle is gas compressor pushes gas through cylinders to oil drums, so
that the crude oil will flow out through the filter cloth.
When filtered, the solid particles in crude oil encountered in the filter cloth, partici es are barrier filter
cloth surface so as to form a residue, which itself is formed a filter layer.
The filtering ability will be improved with the pressure increased, but also decreased with the thickness
of the reduced residue increased, and therefore must be shutdown to remove residue.

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Product Parameters


     The Air Pressure Oil Filter machine removes free water and solid

contaminants with high efficiency.  The oil filter removes free water

from the medium through demulsification, coalescence, and separation

processes.  The free water content of the treated media is less than

200 PPM and can be less than 100 PPM at the limit.  It also filters

solid particles in the media to control fluid cleanliness. This machine

works good for the oil mill users, filtering rapeseed oil and peanut oil,

sunflower oil, soybean oil and other oils, the filtered oil won’t contain

foam, less soot, no sediment, improve oil yield. 


Modle capacity power Weight Dimensions Voltage pressure oil temperature filtering barrel
RF600-S 100-120kg/h 2.2kw-2p 190kg 855*690*1080mm 380v 0.2-0.4mpa 70-80 610mm
RF600-D 180-220kg/h 2.2kw-2p 350kg 1550*690*1080mm


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1.Online technical support

2.Free video support

3.Free spare parts during warranty period
4.Service point in India

5.Worldwide on-site maintenace and repair Service


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Energy Saving & Simple Operation

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Standard Wooden Case Export

Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant/Food & Beverage Factory/Farms

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Online Support/Video Technical Support/Spare Parts

Machine Material
Cast Iron

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HS Code

Production Capacity
500 Sets/Months