China Stainless Steel Cod

China Stainless Steel Cod

Product Description

Stainless Steel cod-liver oil colloid mill,royal jelly grinding colloid mill

Working Principle
The basic working principle of colloid mill is shearing, grinding as well as high-speed stirring applied force, grinding is finished depending on the relative movement of tooth-form slope
one of them rotates at high speed, while the other stays still to make materials that passing between tooth-form slopes receive great shear force and friction, and to grind, emulsify, smash, 
homogenize and mix them under complex forces such as high-frequency shake, high-speed 
vortex and others at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of fine and super micro.

Food industry:aloe vera, tea, ice cream, butter, jam, fruit juice, tomato paste, soybean paste, peanut butter, sesame, chili sauce, red bean, proteit milk, soy milk, dairy products, variety of drinks, chicken emulsion mud, emulsion pigskin and other animal skins, animal organs and so on.
Chemical industry:paint, pigment, dye, lubricants, grease, diesel, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, plastics, glass steel, leather, emulsion explosives, etc.
Daily Chemical industry: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, bath essence, soap, balsam, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry:all kinds of syrup, nutrition, medicinal paste pharmaceutical, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines, various creams, a variety of oral, injection, pancreatic enzyme preparations, etc.

1. Grinding high hardness, high precision, durable and fine grinding.
2. Adopt food grade 304 stainless steel to cater International Standards.
3. Advanced seal design to ensure that the non-polluting materials and health.
4. The lower belt scraper force the material discharging without residue.
5. The final product can reach to 2-50μm and the homogenization reaches to 90%.
6. The machine has cooling system, which can keep the character of the material.
7. The main parts stator and rotor adopt special machining and heat treatment process with high precision and long service life.
8. The distance between stators could be adjusted and ground by recirculation, we can get different degree of fineness of butter.

Technical Parameters

Model Output(T/h) Millstone Dia(mm) Outlet Diameter(mm) Inlet Diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Power(kw)
JML-50 0.01-0.1 50 20 30    2800 1.5(220V)
JML-50 0.01-0.1 50 20 30 1.1(380V)
JML-65 0.02-0.5 65 20 30 1.5
JMF-65 0.02-0.5 65 20 30 2.2
JMW-80 0.3-1 80 25 48 3
JML-80 0.3-1 80 25 48 3
JMF-80 0.3-1 80 25 48 4
JMW-100 0.5-2 100 25 66 5.5
JML-100 0.5-2 100 25 66 5.5
JMF-100 0.5-2 100 25 66 5.5/7.5
JMW-120 0.5-3 120 32 66 7.5
JML-120 0.5-3 120 32 66 7.5
JMF-120 0.5-3 120 32 66 7.5
JMW-140 0.5-4 140 32 66 7.5
JML-140 0.5-4 140 32 66 7.5
JMF-140 0.5-4 140 32 66 7.5/11
JMF-180 1-7 180 38 100 11/15
JMF-200 1-10 200 38 100 18.5/22

Product Show

About Hundom
Guangzhou HUNDOM Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 17 years of mechanical manufacturing experience. Main production: homogeneous emulsion tank, high-speed mixing tank, heating mixing tank, emulsification pump, colloid mill, conveying pump, filters etc. HUNDOM has mature technology and high quality products to meet various requirements in the field of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 

With a high level of R&D system, HUNDOM constantly strives to improve product quality and technical standards, constantly develops product functions to enhance product life and adherence to precision manufacturing. The ex-factory products need to undergo strict quality inspection procedures to ensure that they meet the quality requirements and inspection standards of all walks of life. The mature technology and rigorous attitude are the guarantee of HUNDOM Technology’s product quality, to think what the customer thinks, and pleased what the customer likes. Provide a reasonable and effective equipment solution. Please believe us: there are high quality products, mature facilities and engineering teams waiting for you. Let’s discuss, make decisions and make progress together with you.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Working Style

Disc Diameter

Variable Speed
Without Variable Speed

Material Type



2800 R/Min


Emulsified Size

Inlet Diameter

Outlet Diameter

Product Type
Vertical, Horizontal, Split, Customized

Food, Chemical, Pharmacy, Peanut Butter, etc

Transport Package
Plywood Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Set/Sets Per Month