China Special Rubber Oil Seal Making Machine, Vacuum Heating Compression Machine

China Special Rubber Oil Seal Making Machine, Vacuum Heating Compression Machine

Product Description

Vacuum Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Oil seal /Vacuum Molding Machine  for Rubber Oil seal/Vacuum Curing Machine for Oil seal :

DH-SV Vacuum rubber oil seal machine is designed for oil seal production specially.


1.Specializing in manufacturing all kinds of industrial and automotive oil seals,mechanical seals and other rubber products;


2.Using high negative pressure vacuum hood design,so that a mold can be in a nearly full vacuum environment,improving mold venting;

Structure features

1. Vacuum hood device make Vulcanization time shortened,improving production efficiency.

2. High vacuum systems, material flow resistance, to eliminate air bubbles within the product package, product zero defects.

3. Quick opening and closing mold, high production efficiency; slow locking to protect the mold; automatic mold, exhaust, from the type of automatic cycle, each stage can be freely controlled.

4. PLC programmable controller and touch screen LCD, simple operation, the user can quickly modify their process requirements and lock process parameters, to ensure product quality.

5. Electric heating using stepwise heating pipe, high precision temperature control, temperature display and intuitive.

6. With automatic pressure compensation function in the suppression of the process can be automatically added material flow caused by the pressure drop.

7. Institutional design is simple, maintenance more convenient.

Main Technical Parameter

Item / Specifications DH-SV100T DH-SV150T
Clamping force 1000KN 1500KN
Clamping stroke 140mm 140mm
Heating plate spaceing 200mm 200mm
Rapid clamping speed ≥20mm/s ≥20mm/s
Heating plate size 350mmx400mm 450mmx480mm
Max temperature 250ºC 250ºC
Number of working layers 1 layers 1 layer
Motor power 4.0KW 5.5KW
Heating power 12.0KW 15.3KW
Extemal dimension(LxWxH) 1200x2200x2100(mm) 1400x2500x2100(mm)
Oil tank capacity 260L 300L

Main parts instruction for plate & vacuum rubber machine

NO. Item Branch/Material Remarks
1 Motor Taiwan Tatung Large torque type, quiet and silent
2 Oil Pump Japan branch Collective style circuit design
3 PLC Japan Mitsubishi Independent written, easy to operate
4 LCD touch screen Taiwan PanelMaster Clear and intuitive, convenient, easy to operate
5 Heating pipes Taiwan branch Nickel-chromium alloy wire, never rust
6 Oil seal Japan NOK Wear-resistant, durable, no leakage
7 Solenoid valve Taiwan Victoria Controlled fast, long life
8 Other electrical
Japan Fujitsu, Great
Wall, Chint and so on
Performance and stability
9 Thermostat Omron Using PID correction, temperature uniform
distribution, the error value at ± 3 ºC
10 Pressure sensor Denmark TRAFAG Conduction pressure accurate, unbiased, and easy
to use
11 Heating control system Taiwan Solid State Relays temperature uniform distribution, the error value
at ± 3 ºC
12 Machine body casting FCD50 Ductile Iron Aging passivation, high tensile strength
13 Column Carbon Steel Hardness up to HRC55–58
14 Work plate Size as per quotation 45 # high carbon steel, grinding, surface nitriding hardness HRC50-55
15 Machine Middle body Umbrella tapered design Make the machine rise and fall by force, the mold cavity pressure evenly, the product is not lack of material, no bubbles
16 Vacuum Pump Germany Busch Evacuated quickly, can reach 760 mm Hg within 5 seconds

Packing & Shipment:

About Dahua :
Qingdao Dahua Machinery Co.,Ltd. which was established in 2000 is affiliated to Shandong Rubber Machinery Research Institute.We specialize in scientific research,production and sales of Rubber Machinery.As keeping extensive close cooperation with Qingdao University of science and technology,Shandong University,China University of petroleum,Chinese Academy of Sciences  we have made a great contribution to the development of China Rubber Machinery.
The company has experienced technical team,earnestly the grass-roots staff.We have advanced CNC machines and a variety of large and small mechanical processing equipment,heat treatment equipment and sophisticated detection equipment and introduced advanced UG 3D mechanical design software and performance optimization software in 2006. Our design team can design and manufacture non-standard rubber machinery according to customer requirements.
"Quality first, technology innovation" is the company’s business principle,our products were rated as "excellent provincial famous brand" ,"free products" and exported to many countries and regions such as United States,Germany,France,Canada,Australia,South America and so on.With excellent quality and good customer service, the products have been well received among domestic and foreign customers!
We sincerely welcome customers all over the world to visit our company  or call us to have a business negotiation, hope to make a good faith and win-win cooperation with you and common development hand in hand.

Customer SHOW:

Q: Are you manufacturer or trade company?
A: We are really 100% manufacturer.
Q: How many years experience does your company have?
A: More than 20 years of concentration, we mastered several key technologies.
Q: What product can you supply?
A: Rubber press machine, Vacuum molding press machine, Injection Molding machine, Rubber mixer machine, calender machine, extruder machine and rubber product equipment solvtions.
Q: What are the operating modes of the machine?
A: With manual and semi-automatic operation mode.
Q: What control system does the machine use?
A: We use PLC as the core of control system, we ususlly usee Omron PLC.
Q: How long is the warranty of your machinery?
A: Our warranty is one year.
Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Usually we need 40-60 days , if ther id inventory , we can finish the modification within one month, but it may  take longer if ther are special requiements.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Platen Gap

Cylinder Diameter

Total Pressure

Transport Package




HS Code

Production Capacity
500sets/ Year