China Soybean Oil Palm Acid Oil Making Biodiesel Machine Biodiesel Plant

China Soybean Oil Palm Acid Oil Making Biodiesel Machine Biodiesel Plant

Product Description

Soybean Oil Palm Acid Oil Making Biodiesel Machine Biodiesel Plant

Product Description
Glycerin is an important light chemical industry raw material, itis wide used in coating, explosive, plastic, toothpaste, cosmetic, food,chemical industry, medicine and so on. With the development ofbio-diesel, the output of glycerin is rising rapidly. At the same time,the output of glycerin derivative is rising rapidly. It is a trend tobuild large scale fine factory of glycerin solely to process esterexchange/ saponify crude glycerin.
For the different raw material of glycerin, we developed thepurification techniques of glycerin basing on animal /vegetable oil andexchange/ saponify crude glycer

We have an advantage in the glycerine technology series
1.the distillation equipment capacity of internal heating is 10-100t/D.
2.The distillation equipment capacity of external circulating is 50-400t/D.
3.997 high-standard glycerine rectification technology process production line. and transformation technology of traditional distillation production line.
5.clean production technology of complex gantry raw materials such as sulfate.
6.Continuous decoloring technology.
Process flow chart

Extensive material sources
Crude glycerin mainly comes from the soap industry, fatty acid production enterprises and biodiesel plants

NO. Raw material Note
1 Slaughterhouse scraps From slaughter house
2 swill cooking oil, swill Waste cooking oil 
3 Fatty Acid & Acid Oil from plant refinery For example the bean & peanut etc…..
4 Animal bone, viscera fatty and so on…… /
The machine is same, just processing and catalyst is different . 
Our engineer will training you as your raw material use.

Crude glycerin from our customer

Introduction to workshop section
Pretreatment section
The recovered crude glycerin has low glycerin content, many impurities and salt. We call it saponification waste liquid, which needs to be pretreated first.
Distillation section
Crude glycerol enters the main distillation units after pretreated and heated.The main distillation section is equipped with continuous on-line separation of salt equipment, the solid salt produced by the distillation process is collected, and intermittent artificial extraction of steam after drying.

Deodorization and decolorization section
Distilled glycerol contains volatile substances with special odour that directly affect the quality of glycerol, which can be extracted by vacuum extraction.Add heat under reduced pressure and connect a small amount of steam ,during the distillation process, volatile substances will be steamed out ,which can achieve the effect of deodorization.
Ion Exchange Section
Usually after distillation, deodorization and decolorization of crude glycerol ,we can get industrial glycerin products with good quality, but some of the indicators do not meet the requirements of some industries. We need adopt Ion exchange technology to obtain glycerin products with high quality.
Dehydration section
Ion-exchanged glycerol is pumped from the middle tank of the mixing column and heated by the preheater into the evaporating column of the film.

Engineering case

Packing and Delivering

Transport Machine By trucks and vessels
Packaging 40 HQ container or shipping in bulk 
according to the freight, size and sail 


1.What does your service include?
Overseas service includes the installation, guide, debugging and training indoor.
2. Have you installed glycerin purification plant in client factory?
Yes, our biodiesel equipment are popular in many countries, we have installed plants in Dubai, Pakistan, and so on, also in China, if you want to see our equipment, welcome to our factory, we have running plant 
3. What type is your glycerin purification plant?
It is continuous and automatic, to save labor and easy operation.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Oil Pressing Machine

Making Edible Oil

Product Name
Oil Refined Machine

Oil Production Line

Stainess Steel

Simple Operation with Low Price

12 Months

Small Scale

Transport Package
Wooden Pack




HS Code

Production Capacity
5 Sets /Month