China Small Scale Low Temperature Centrifuge Extractor for Hemp Oil Extraction

China Small Scale Low Temperature Centrifuge Extractor for Hemp Oil Extraction

Product Description

Product Description
C B D oil low temperature solvent centrifuge extractor production line


Dried biomass to C B D oil working processing flow diagram:
Dried hemp biomass—low temperatrue solvent extractor—falling film evaporator(solvent recovery)—winterizatioin(remove
wax)—decaboxylation—short path distillation(Optional)—chromatography column system(remove THC)—falling film evaporator—finished product of broad spectrum C B D oil—crystallization to get C B D isolate

Successful project cases:
Zhejiang Shuangzi Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd has 4 sucessfull project cases of C B D oil field, we have mature technical
experience for C B D oil production line. And we have another 2 lines are building for our USA customers.

The C B D oil extraction production line we already built and are going to build, according to our customers` requirements, to produce different finished product, the finished products are:
1. C B D isolate
2. Crude oil(after the process of decaboxylation, gold oil)
3. Broad spectrum C B D oil(without THC)

Finished products test report:
Our customers C B D oil production lines run well, and they inform us that there finished product test well too.
The key date of the THC residual quantity content in C B D isolate and Broad spectrum oil is perfect, in C B D isolate, the THC
content is less than 0.05%, some batch test result is THC free

Chromatography column system

Column chromatography system to remove THC:
Our engineer team who focuse on C B D field has upgrade the Column chromatography system, the result is that we will use very little
solvent and to remove more THC compound from the C B D crude oil, means that the content of THC residue becomes lower by using our
new column chromatography system.

     Short path distillation
     Wiped evaporator

Company Introduction
Zhejiang Shuangzi Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd has set up a technical team specialized in developing and designing C B D extraction production line. After several years efforts, the whole set of equipment developed by Shuangzi has been completed, which can meet the industrial production requirement of C B D oil extraction with different production scale specification.Since our first C B D oil extraction production line built for our customer, till today, we have built 3 lines, and has another 2 lines are underding building for our customers.



Finish test

We have 23 welding mechanic with rich experience; Adopts to use auto plasma argon arc welding and manual bozzle welding, the work processing standard ccording to NB/T47-15-2011.

Equipment surface treatment: Inside surface is mirror polish Ra≤0.45um, outside surface yogon treatment Ra≤0.8um


Factory lab

Zhejiang Shuangzi has his own lab, we can supply small scale and middle scale test for our customers before design the production line, and we can get the key technical data during the testing, to make sure the high quality of the technical process and design level.

Extraction production line

Including countercurrent continous extractor, evaporator, short path distillation, chromatography column


High performance liquid chromatography




We adopt 2 kinds of packing method, one method is soft felt, another method is plywood box

Soft felt package

We will use soft felt wrapping on the equipment body, and then fix on one pallet

Plywood box

We will use plywood box to pack small size spare parts, pump, valves…

After Sales Service

There are 6 engineers and 15 workers have USA visa, so we can be easy to visit USA to supply installation services for our USA customers.

1. Technical trainning
2. Technical documents
3. Customers field installation
4. Customers field debugging
5. One year quality guarantee


Q1: Are your factory manufacturer of C B D oil extraction production line?

Yes, we are the manufacturer

Q2:What is your method to extract C B D oil?
Our factory has studied on C B D oil field for more than 3 years, we have our own professional experience to do the process of C B D oil extraction.
We adopt low temperature of solvent and ultrosonic continuous counter current extractor to extract C B D oil, equipped with ultrasonic facility, which has very high performance of extraction efficiency, also avoid to extract WAX.

Q3: What is the difference between C B D oil and hemp oil?
C B D oil and hemp oil come from different parts of the canabis plant. C B D oil comes from the whole industry hemp, mainly from the leafs and flowers, while hemp oil comes from its seeds.
Do the process of cold pressing on the seeds will get hemp oil.
C B D oil will adopt extraction process.

Q4: What is the difference of C B D, THC, full spectrum C B D oil and broad spectrum C B D oil?
After we get crude oil from the extraction process, we do winterization process and decarboxylation process, and then we get full spectrum C B D oil.
And then we do the process of short path distillation and column chromatography, the remove the THC, finally we get broad spectrum C B D oil.
Means that full spectrum C B D oil= broad spectrum C B D oil + THC
THC is the abbreviation of tetrahydrocanabinol, which is one of the active compounds of industry hemp
C B D is is the abbreviation of canabidiol, which is one of the active compounds of industry hemp

Q5: Do your company supply turnkey project of C B D oil extraction?
Yes, we can manufacture and supply the complete set of C B D oil extraction production line.
We already has several successful projects of C B D oil extraction production lines.

Q6: What production capacity of your C B D oil production line?
Our factory ZHEJIANG SHUANGZI INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD can supply large rang of production line, from 50Kg per hour to 2000Kg per hour of dried biomass process capacity. Especially we have technical advantage for large scale production capacity.

Q7: How long of the lead time?
4-5 month.

Q8: Does your factory have C B D oil extraction project case?
Yes, we have. We have successful project cases in our local market, as well as in USA market.
For USA market, there are 6 engineers and 5 workers has visa of USA, they can easily visit USA for technical support and equipment installation.

Parameters Table

Model NO.
LXTQ Series



1 Year

Biomass by Solvent

Low Temperature


Equipment Name
Extraction Production Line

Transport Package
Plywood Box

According to the spec



Production Capacity
80 Sets Per Year