China Small Oil Paint Grinding Mill Triple Roller Mill with 1

China Small Oil Paint Grinding Mill Triple Roller Mill with 1

Product Description

Small Oil paint Grinding Mill Triple Roller Mill with 1-10 KG/hour output 


Product Description

Brief introduction:

Three roll Mill is an ideal and effective grinding and dispersing equipment for high viscosity product. Three rollers are mounted on an iron frame, rollers are hollow that can be cooled by water.

Working Principle:

Grinding effect is achieved by pressing the surface of three horizontal rollers against each other and friction at different speeds .

Material was added between the middle and rear rollers, and discharged by scraper from the front roller.

Structure Composition:

It’s mainly composed of: Grinding part ( 3 rollers ), Driving system (motors + gears + belt ) and Frame part

Application Area:

Can be widely used in various of Paint, Ink, Pigment, Plastic, Cosmetic, Soap, Ceramics, Rubber, and other liquid and paste materials grinding


Product Parameters


Item Content Technical Parameter
Model S65
Production capacity 1-10 kg/hour
Electric motor  0.75 KW
Roller  diameter 65 mm
Roller length 125  mm
Grinding fineness 3-15 micron
Material Roller: hard alloy steel
Machine body:  Carbon steel
Rotate speed  Fast roller: 250 RPM 
Middle roller: 89 RPM 
Slow roller: 32 RPM
Roller cooling system designed
Overall dimension 440*420 * 450  mm  (L*W*H)
Weight    60 KGS


Detailed Photos

Front View:

Back View:


Other parts in details:

Machine in stock:

Packaging & Shipping

It will be packed in standard plywood case, for transportation by sea, or by train optional.

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Q: What about your warranty?
A: Firstly, before delivery, our internal QC will do a general inspection, showing the condition of goods, through test running or trial operation .

Secondly, our guarantee period is 12 months, starting from the arrival of goods: Under normal using condition, if the equipment is faulty, for example the damage of motor, reducer or inverter, we will provide replacement on our account. If the damage is caused by operating error, we will provide customers with technical guidance for replacement and repairing free of charge.

Q: How about your after-sales service? If there problem during using process, what should i do?
A: Whether within or beyond warranty, we will firstly assist you to figure out essence
of the problem, through videoconferencing. If it’s in warranty, it’s undisputed that we will be responsible, no matter provide new replacement for free, or refund you the repair cost. If it’s exceed warranty, we will provide you the replacement with it’s cost price, searching the most favorable transport mode, so as to solve the problem and maximumly save you the cost in the meantime.

Besides, we will provide life-time maintenance advice and technical guidance.


Want to say Customer—–FAQ

Q: What’s your company strength? Because I saw most products their appearance are very similar.
A: Yes, you are right, similarity in appearance of products is indeed a question.

For this matter, we mainly do two aspects: First of all, insuring product quality; On the other hand, increase the professionalism of sales rep and improve their communication ability, to provide customers more extra value besides product.

Q: How can I trust you?  After all, this is our first cooperation, but I have to give you the money before you ship the goods.
A: Yes, it’s really not easy to choose a reliable supplier among many suppliers.

Because you may have to consider many factors, for quality, safety, price, delivery, after sales service, and so on. But please don’t worry, our company with more than 20 years experience in this field, we have thought about all considerations for you.

The only thing you need to consider is how to continue to develop and grow in your market and leave the rest to us.         

Q: Is the customization available?
A: Yes, equipment can be customized based on clients’ request.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Working Style

Disc Diameter
65 mm

Variable Speed
With Variable Speed

Triple Roller Mill with 1-10 Kg/Hour Output


1-10 Kg/Hour


Roller Length
125 mm

Cooling Water System

About 50 Kgs

Transport Package
Packed in Standard Plywood Case

440 * 420 * 450 mm



HS Code

Production Capacity
200 Sets/Year