China Seize Air Tools Air Compressor Ultra Quiet, Oil Less 75kw, Economical Durable Compressor with SKF Bearing

China Seize Air Tools Air Compressor Ultra Quiet, Oil Less 75kw, Economical Durable Compressor with SKF Bearing

Product Description

Model Maximum working pressure Capacity (FAD) Motor power Mode of driving Noise    level Outlet pipe dia. Dimensions (mm) Weight
bar psig m3/min cfm kw hp   db inch L W H kg
SVC-75A 7.5 109 3.45~13.80 121.79~487.14 75 90 Direct Driving 75 2    1350 1100 1500 1800
8.5 123 3.25~13.00 114.73~458.90
10.5 152 2.88~11.50 101.66~405.95
12.5 181 2.55~10.20 90.02~360.06
          Product Specification of Screw Type Air Compressor(SVC-55A)
Compressor Cooling Type Air Cooling
 Outlet Temperature (ºC) Ambient+15ºC
Transmission method Direct  Driven)
Lubricant Requirement (L) 60
Ventilation method 25%-100%,Automatical Control and Constant Pressure Output
oil content  (ppm) 3
Concuss  (mm/s) 7
Maximum working pressure 45ºC
Electric Motor Power (kW) 55
Starting method Variale Frequecy Constant Temperature Control 
Protection Level IP23/IP54
cooler Cooling Type Air Cooling
Control method Variale Frequecy Constant Temperature Control 
 Fan Power(KW) 1.5
 Input voltage / frequency of the whole machine(V/Hz) 380/50  Customized
Safety Indicating Device Safety Valve/Exhaust high temperature protection/Exhaust High Pressure Protection/
Over Current Protection/Less Phase Protection/Reversed Phase Protectin
Maintenance instructions  Air Filter/Oil Filter/Oil-Gas Separator/Lubricated Oil
Micro Computer Control Intelligence/Digital temperature/Pressure Display Controller
/Fully Automatic operation
Noise(db) 75DB
Weight (kg) 1800
External Dimension Length  (mm) 1350
Width   (mm) 1100
Height  (mm) 1500
Technical Data subject to change.

SEIZE AIR COMPRESSOR Maximum your benefits, Saving your Energy
Seize air compressor maximize your energy efficiency, Seize propose high energy efficiency ensuring smart saving for fluctuating air demands by
reducing your operating pressures& total lifecycle cost and help in recovering & utilizing waste energy for your maximum benefits.

SEIZE AIR COMPRESSOR Innovative technology, Many patents
Seize High end durability, best-in class warranty, innovative-ultimate technology, many patents, the need for quality compressed air in many industries such as Manufacturing,Textiles,Pharmaceutical,Agriculture,Mining,Healthcare,Automotive,Construction.

SEIZE AIR COMPRESSOR Easy Installation, Flexible after service &parts
Seize provide hand by hand installation and after service teaching, at the same times, Seize provide video teaching, fixing training for installation and maintenance, each products attach details of maintenance handbook.
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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Noise Level
Less Than 75

Oil Content
Less Than 3ppm

Air Filter

Oil Separator


Main Motor Inverter

Power Module

Temperature Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Transport Package
Exported Package

customized type


Made in China

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