China SAE 10W40 API Sn Ilsac GF

China SAE 10W40 API Sn Ilsac GF

Product Description

Copton NANO700X Nano Ceramic synthetic technology gasoline Engine Oil


Copton Nano Ceramic engine oil attain the World Record with  a result of 5050KM running without engine oil in an extreme performance test. With the exclusively NANOSHIELD lubricating technology, the nano ceramic additive can form a protective film on the surface of the metal friction pair of the engine, so that the performance of lubricating, anti-friction, and heat-dissipation is much enhanced, and the cold start and repeated start-stop wear of the engine are obviously reduced. The unique "NANO self-repair" function can automatically repair damaged surface of the engine, achieving an excellent protection for the engine.

– Thanks to the NONOSHIELD lubricating technology, it can supply an super anti-friction and self-repair performance, and make the engine running smoothly.
Significantly reduce engine wear from cold start and frequent start/stop, effectively improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions.
– Effectively control the formation of sludge and carbon deposition
Excellent viscosity control and high and low temperature performance.
– Meet the needs of new cars and energy-saving engines.

Packaging specifications:
1L  4L  

Cotpon Nano Ceramic Engine Oil — a World Record Holder

Advertising – Time Square, New York & public traffic commercials

An official partner of McLaren Winning Team

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Parameters Table

Model NO.
10W40 SN GF-5

Automotive Lubricant

Transport Package

4L, 1L



Production Capacity
220000 Mt/Year