China RS232 Portable Transformer Oil Bdv Testing Equipment (IIJ

China RS232 Portable Transformer Oil Bdv Testing Equipment (IIJ

Product Description

RS232 Portable Transformer Oil BDV Testing Equipment(IIJ-II-100)

Automatic Breakdown Voltage Tester of Testing Insulation Oil is produced as per the newest international standards
Such as ASTM D1816, IEC156, ASTM D899, etc.
Which adopts industrial single plate integrated circuit, new-style I/O ports,
With unique inspection and anti-jamming technology to greatly improve its reliability and functionality.

1) Fully automatic, control by microcomputer, utilization of new I/O terminal.
2) Numbers of times of testing and idling time of stirring are set via digital setting.
3) Test results displayed and printed out automatically.
4) Strong capability of anti-interference.
5) High accuracy of testing and high capacity of anti-jamming.
6) Easy to operate, small size, light weight which operated in the open air very conveniently and convenient for maintenance
7) Can store 99 groups oil testing data which is convenient to reading and print.
The testing data can keep 100 years under the condition of power off.
8) System time can go on running under power off. (the system time just for reference can not be the standard of timing)

The system time just for reference can not be the standard of timing)

1. Can upgrade software through RS232
2. High capacity of anti-jamming and high precision of testing.
3. Small volume, light which operated in the open air very conveniently.

Technology and parameter data

Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Output voltage 0~80KV(60KV,80KV)
Capacity 1.2KVA(1.6KVA,2.0KVA)
Speed of pressure rise about 2KV/S
Voltage test precision ±3%
Breakdown sensitivity <2KV
Wave difference ≤3%
Time of breakdown ≤10ms
Working – temperature 0~40
– humidity The biggest comparatively humidity85%
Reserve circumstance- temperature -20~60
– humidity The biggest comparatively humidity75%
– Working altitude <1500m (if over 1500m can be designed specially)
Dimension 480mm*460mm*460mm

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