China Rcf New Synthetic Nicotine Fruit Liquid Brand Perfume Oils

China Rcf New Synthetic Nicotine Fruit Liquid Brand Perfume Oils

Product Description

Rcf Vape Pod Synthetic Liquid 0mg Nicotine with a Throat Hit  Vape Juice

RCF New Synthetic E-liquid (Nicotine Alternative Therapy E liquid), more specifically is nicotine replacement. It’s different with market Synthetic. The unique characteristics are without nicotine but still has throat hit feeling. The Special ingredients are Food extract & harmless, match the Food-Grade standard.

1. Nicotine Alternative Therapy E liquid Characteristics:

1) No nicotine totally but still with a throat hit feeling

2) It can be combined with nicotine salt,  such as 20mg+nicotine alternative therapy

3) Match the food-grade standard so that no harmful

2. Advantages:

1) To avoid the restrictions of some laws and regulations

2) Can reduce the taxes

3) Can export some strictly laws of countries, expeically Japan, Korea, etc.

3. Nicotine Alternative Therapy E liquid Origin: 

1) Nicotine acquires dopamine by activating related nerves. As dopamine rises, people’s wakefulness will be higher, but this is a cyclic dependence and irreversible damage to the human body. Therefore, we have been exploring whether there is a substance that can achieve Stimulate the human nervous system, and can be safe and meet the requirements of food grade.

There are many substances similar to nicotine in tobacco, such as arecoline and ephedrine in natural plants. However, these types of plant alkaloids still have carcinogenic risks to human health and fail to meet the requirements of safety and health.

2) The composition of the nicotine alternative therapy team consists of the company’s senior chemical engineers, senior fragrance engineers, HPLC and GC-MS operators, and electronic engineers, covering chemistry, plant extraction, experimental data testing and analysis, electronic engineering and their intersections professional field.

In 2018, we are committed to the research and development of safe food-grade zero nicotine e-liquid. After multiple extraction and synthesis experiments of the active ingredients in natural products, combined with HPLC and GC-MS to determine the safety and compliance of the ingredients.

3) According to the experimental evaluation data, this raw material can bring pleasure and stimulation to the human body, and obtain the sensory experience almost the same as that of nicotine. However, this raw material is extracted from natural products and is in compliance with CAS (Chemical Registration Number), FEMA (American Spice Association allows the use of food safety codes), and GB2760 (Domestic Food Additive Code). EINECS (European Chemicals Inventory), this raw material meets food-grade domestic and international requirements.

Model No. RCF Juice
E Liquid Material PG, VG, Natural Flavors
E Liquid P/V Ratio Customized
E Liquid series 1 Unique Nicotine Alternative Therapy
E Liquid series 2 Unique Shisha/Hookah flavors
E Liquid series 3 Nicotine Salt flavors
E Liquid series 4 Tobacco series
E Liquid series 5 Mint series
E Liquid series 6 Synthetic liquid series
E liquid Warranty 12 months
Certificates CE/ROHS/ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSMS18000/FDA/MSDS/GMP
Delivery Time 1-2 workdays for neutral samples, 2-3 workdays for OEM sample, 3-7 days for mass production

Front Desk:

SZ Office:

One of the filling workshop:




Parameters Table

Model NO.
RCF juice

10ml / 15ml / 30ml / 60ml / 100ml / 120ml/ 1kg etc

CE, MSDS, FDA, Test Reports etc

Nicotine Strength

Delivery Time
3-4 Days

OEM Service

Transport Package
Paper Carton

natural flavors



HS Code

Production Capacity
8000tons Per Year, 8000 Tons Per Year