China Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Oil Refining Machine 10tpd

China Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Oil Refining Machine 10tpd

Product Description

1.Quick check
Getting diesel and gasoline from waste oil
1.Getting high oil rate
2.Short work time
3.More easy to use
2.Working principle:
Pump tyre oil or plastic oil or waste engine oil in distillation reactor,By heating and chemical extracted nerve , separate diesel and gasoline in different temperature.

3.Major parts:


2.Dedust system(desulfur system)

3.Distillation tower(fractionating tower)

4.Cooling system(tube condenser and water pool and cooling tower)

5.Oil collection system

7.Electric control cabinet

8.Water sealing

9.Vacuum system

10.Safety device

11.Waste gas collection system

12.Preheating System

13.Distillate oil passivation system

4.The chemical parameters of diesel oil after distillation .

Items Diesel oil (after distillation) Tyre oil from pyrolysis machine 0# national standard diesle
Oxidation stability 2.0 1.5 2.5
Sulfur content (%) 0.003 0.005 0.05
10%  residuecarbon content( %) 0.25 0.25 0.3
Ash content (%) 0.016 0.1 0.01
Copper corrosion grade 1.1 1.1 1
Moisture content (%) 1
Mechanical impurities none none none
Density 0.85 0.88 0.83-0.87
Freezing Point /°C -10 -5 0
Flash point)/°C 45 40 55
Kinematic viscosity 3.5 5.0 3.0-8.0
Combustion value 9500 10000 8500
Chromaticity 1.2 4.5 ≤3.5
Cetane index 43 38 46

5.Plant specification
Distillation reactor

Type Technical parameter
Steel thickness(mm) daily disposal(T) daily power(°C) daily water(m3) daily coal(kg)
8m3/5T 12 5 80 0.5 500-600
12m3/8T 12 8 120 0.8 700-900
15m3/10T 16 10 180 1.5 1200-1400
30m3/20T 16 20 280 2.5 1500-1600

Catalyst tower

Type Technical parameter
thickness of tower(mm) dia. of tower(φ) high of tower(mm) tray quantity of tower(layer)
8m3/5T 6 600 2800 3
12m3/8T 8 700 3600 3
15m3/10T 10 800 3800 4
30m3/20T 10 800 4600 4

6.Plant features
1.Continuous operating for 90 days without coking.
2.Latest tubular heating system which can save fuel 20–30%.
3.All sealed and auto feeding and slag discharging system, available in 350degree temperature condition.
4.This model is for processing waste engine oil into diesel oil.
5.The output should be above 90%, water percent affect the data obviously.
Our distillation machine can distillate the flowing materials, turn the waste to energy.
–  Fuel oil extracted from waste plastics and scrap rubber.
–  Waste engine oil.
–  Waste raw oil.
–  Waste washing oil.
–  Waste oil, Raw oil.
–  Waste lubricating oil.
2.Increase oil yield 5% compared to the similar plant, oil yield rate reaches to 80%.
3. Unique condensers and vacuum device makes our pyrolysis oil distillation machine highly efficient.
4. Advanced device and design to make sure the distillation process is proceeding in a total environmental and safe surrounding.
5. Multiple methods to eliminate color and odor of the distilled oil which ensures the final oil is of high quality.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Fuel Oil

Base Oil/Diesel Oil

Heating Way
Direct Heating /Indirect Heating

Working Area
500 Square Meters

Total Weight

Cooling Way
by Water Cooling


Daily Capacity
10 Ton

Water Consumption

Transport Package
Reinforce Pack



Shagnqiu, Henan, China

HS Code

Production Capacity