China Professional Full Fat Soya Oil Extruder Soybean Extruding Machines

China Professional Full Fat Soya Oil Extruder Soybean Extruding Machines

Product Description

 Professional Full Fat Soya Oil Extruder Soybean extruding Machines


The DGP series of large and medium-sized dry feed extruder is carefully designed by adopting the advantages of domestic and foreign models and integrating a number of technological innovations. This machine adopts a combined main shaft, which can be adapted to the puffing processing of different materials and processing whole corn and soybeans. The supporting facilities are simple and the operation and maintenance are convenient. The main motor can be Siemens to ensure product quality.

The processing conditions of the dry extruder and the wet extruder are easily interchangeable, and the screw sleeve adopts an inlaid alloy steel bar structure, which has a longer service life.

The Full fat soybean extruder machine is widely used in extruded soybean, corn, suckling pig feed and other livestock and poultry feed, rice bran preservation, cotton meal, castor meal detoxification treatment, it is an ideal tool for feed processing enterprises.

Technical Data:

Model Capacity for soybean (kg/h) Capacity for corn/maize (kg/h) Screw diameter
Main Power
Feeding Power
DGP-70B 200 180~200 Φ70 18.5 0.4
DGP-80B 200~300 200~250 Φ80 22 0.4
DGP-90B 350~400 300~400 Φ90 37 0.6
DGP-120B 500~600 500~550 Φ120 55 0.6
DGP-135B 800~900 700~800 Φ135 75 0.8
DGP-160B 1000~1200 900~1000 Φ160 90 1.5
DGP-200B 2000 1800~2000 Φ200 132 1.5

Working Principle of soybean extrusion machine:

1. The screw sleeve and screw are made of a special high-temperature resistant alloy just now. They are formed by heat treatment. They are equipped with a unique pressurized die device to ensure the output and quality of the feed; and are equipped with an electric heating device to increase the boronization rate of the feed.

2. The main motor adopts high-quality Y series three-phase motor to ensure strong power.

3. The speed-adjustable feeding device is more convenient to operate, feeds evenly, and prevents material jams.

4. The discharging template is easy to replace. If you need feed with different diameters, you only need to change the hole template. Ensure that the feed is clean and hygienic, which is conducive to protein denaturation and starch gelatinization, and is easy to absorb.

Raw material: Widely used for extrusion of full fat soybean, corn, piglet, soybean meal, cotton seed meal, rice bran etc.
It will modify quality of raw materialsincrease digestibility

Application: It is an ideal production process for the purpose of reducing equipment investment, raising production,
reducing energy consumption and improving product quality of oil plants worldwide.

The puffing step is that under the condition of forced feeding to the puffing machine and high temperature and high pressure steam, the soybean green flakes are strongly mixed, heated, squeezed, glued, and gelatinized in a limited space of the machine, resulting in a structural structure. The change. The bulk density of the puffed pellets increases, the cell tissue of the green sheet is completely destroyed, the interior has more voids, the outer surface has more free grease, the particle size and mechanical strength are increased, and the permeability of the solvent to the material layer during leaching Greatly improved, the leaching rate is increased, and the leaching time is shortened, so the output of the extractor can be increased by more than 30%.

The extruded material temperature is generally 110-120 degrees, the moisture after puffing is 11-13%, and the suitable immersion moisture is about 8-10%, and the temperature is 58-62°C. In order to make the moisture content of the extruded material meet the requirements of the leaching process, drying and cooling are required in most cases. After cooling, the material has a moisture content of 8.5-10% and a discharge temperature of 58-62°C, which is more suitable for leaching and oil extraction.

Ralated Machinery:

Soybean extruder is mostly used for soybean pretreatment, that is, a series of treatment processes such as cleaning, peeling, rolling, and puffing before soybean oil extraction, which makes the puffed to achieve better oil extraction effects.

Package for delivery:

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Press Materials

Press Series




Main Power

Feeding Power

Motor Voltage
380V, 50Hz; Three Phases

Output for Soybean

Output for Corn




Soybean Extruder

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Corn Extruder

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Snack Food Extruder

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Soybean Puffing Machine

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