China Prb Blended Sesame Oil 60%&50% 150ml Edible Plant Oil

China Prb Blended Sesame Oil 60%&50% 150ml Edible Plant Oil

Product Description

Product Information


Product Name Pearl River Bridge Blended Sesame Oil
Product Introduction & Serving Suggestion The Pearl River Bridge Brand Blended Sesame Oil is suitable for marinating meat and cold mix. It can also be used as a hot pot dipping with the Pearl River Bridge Brand Premium Deluxe Light Soy Sauce and Yellow Lantern Chilli Sauce.
Specification 150mL/270mL/500mL/1.8L
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Close the lid tightly and keep in dry and cool place
Certification BRC, HACCP, ISO, FDA

Full Container Loading

150ML*24 glass jar 1633
500ML*12 glass jar 1320
650ML*12 glass jar 1106
1L*6 Plastic pail 1330
1.8L*12 Plastic pail 650
5L*4 Plastic pail 811

PRB’s Quality Control System
Quality and safety are PRB’ s top priorities. PRB has established a quality control system which can monitor the whole process of production from raw materials to finished products, ensures that the quality of PRB products totally conform with CFIA & FDA legislation and standards.
Step 1: QC by PRB Food Inspection & Research Center

  • Only products up to PRB standards can be entered into the market that means all the products must be self-inspected by batch.
  • The PRB Food Inspection & Research Center is certified by CNAL (China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories), a member of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation). And the inspection results are recognized by 44 worldwide organizations of ILAC.

Step 2: QC by China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ)

  • All products for export have to pass the inspection of CIQ as well as meet the food regulations.

Step 3: QC by European Leading Laboratory (PAS)

  • PRB also has have a closed cooperation with PAS(UK), a European leading laboratory, since 1999 till now.
  • A program of random sampling and analysis (ISO 17025 standard) is designed and implemented independently by PAS.
  • Ensure that all batches of PRB tested products comply with current EC and UK regulations.

Step 4: Product Tracing System

  • Distinct expiry date and production date.
  • Traceable batch number system.

1. Are you a manufacturer? 
Yes, we’re professional manufacturer since 1958 in providing high quality foodstuffs.BRC organization certified Factory with Natural, Healthy, Delicious & Safety products
2. Can you help me make my own brand product? 
Sure, OEM brand can be accepted when your quantity reaches to an appointed amount.
3. Can you provide me your catalogue?
Sure, please kindly send your request to us, we are at your service all the time!