China Portable Large Capacity Stainless Steel Oil Extraction Centrifuge Machine

China Portable Large Capacity Stainless Steel Oil Extraction Centrifuge Machine

Product Description


Product Description

Alcohol Extraction Centrifuge is immersed Manual Top Discharge Filter Centrifuge; it features as simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, flexible control time, skimming thickness according to material property.

The material is fed into the basket through the feeding pipe on the hermetic closure casing; under the action of the centrifuge force, the liquid-phase passes through the filter medium and the discharged out of the machine, while the solid-phase material is retained inside the basket and, after the machine is stopped, the material is discharged from the top. The centrifuge has such features as smooth running, easy & convenient operation as well as conducting feeding, washing and dehydrating under the state of hermetic closure, etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Basket Diameter (MM) Flooded Volume (L) Dry hemp (Ibs) Motor Power (KW)
PBZ330P 330 50 10-15 1.5
PBZ400P 400 100 25-30 2.2
PSB600P 600 200 50-55 5.5


Standard Features

  1. Closed-Loop System
  2. 304 and 316L Sanitary Stainless-Steel Construction
  3. Jacket Insulation
  4. Easy Material Loading/ Unloading
  5. Bi-Directional Agitation
  6. Auto/Manual Controls
  7. Digital HMI Interface
  8. Variable Speed Control
  9. Easy Material Loading/ Unloading
  10. Heavy-Duty Spin Drying
  11. Technical Support


Extraction Cycles

  1. Huada Alcohol extraction centrifuge offers 3 Program cycles: 1. Spray wash; 2. Agitation wash; 3. Spin dry cycle.
  2. Operator fills filter bag with milled plant material and places it in the machine.
  3. The centrifuge is then flooded, and bi-directional agitated for full target compound
  4. After the wash, the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry till high speed
    spin dry to remove the liquid as much as possible.
  5. The alcohol wash is then collected to a tank for further processing
Working Steps

  1. System loading: A pre-loaded closed filter bag is placed into the basket and the system is sealed to begin the cycle.
  2. Program Menu: The ‘Spray Wash’ or ‘Agitation Wash’ program is selected on the program manu where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator’s specifications.
  3. Alcohol Fill: Alcohol is pumped from source tank into the centrifuge via an inlet valve or spray nozzle.
  4. The Wash cycle: The plant material undergoes either a spray wash or an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations.
  5. System Draining: When the wash cycle is complete, the outlet valve is manually
    opened and the liquid drained. The alcohol wash is pumped to a properly rated storage
    tank for further processing.
  6. Spin Dry Cycle: The ‘Spin Dry’ program is selected on the program and the drying cycle is started. The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within.
  7. System Unloading: when the dry cycle is complete, centrifuge is unloaded by taking the filter bag out from the basket.
  8. Repeat Process.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Medium Pressure


Manual Batch Operation

Machine Control
PLC Control

Centrifugal Type
Screen Centrifuge

Screen Touch

Top Discharge

Braking System
Dynamic Braking

Speed Control
Frequency Inverter

Alcohol Extraction Centrifuge



Transport Package
Poly Film and Wood Carton Packing



HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Sets/Month