China Pilot Fruit Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Pharmaceutical with Silicon Oil Heating

China Pilot Fruit Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Pharmaceutical with Silicon Oil Heating

Product Description

Product Description

Vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production, etc. Goods are easier for long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing, they can be restored to the original state and maintain its chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. 

Pilot Freeze Dryer

1.TPV-20F/30F/50F/100F (silicon oil heating) freeze dryer , freezing and drying process made in situ.
2.It changes the complex operation and prevent sample pollution,and make drying automation. These models has shelf heating and programmable functions.
3.They can records freeze drying curves, data can be output by U-disk.User can clearly view the freeze drying process.

Product Parameters

Model TPV-20F TPV-30F TPV-50F TPV-100F TPV-20G TPV-30G TOV-50G TPV-100G
Freeze drying area m2 0.2  0.4  0.69  1.04  0.2  0.306  0.5 1.152
<-75ºC (no-load)
Vacuum degree <5Pa (no-load)
Water capture
3Kg/24h > 6Kg/24h > 10Kg/24h 15Kg/24h 3Kg/24h > 6Kg/24h > 10Kg/24h > 15Kg/24h
Cooling model Air cooling, ventilation, room temperature 25 ºC or less
Power 3000W 4500W 5500W 6500W 3000W 4500W 5500W 6500W
Weight 260kg 400kg 600kg 700kg 260kg 400kg 800kg 1000kg
Bulk capacity
2L 4L 7L 10L 2L 3L 5L 10L
Vials loading number(pcs) Ф12mm:1554 Ф12mm:2916 Ф12mm:4676 Ф12mm:> 7014 Ф12mm:1554 Ф12mm:2187 Ф12mm:3705 Ф12mm:8624
Ф16mm:868 Ф16mm:1600 Ф16mm:2772 Ф16mm:> 4158 Ф16mm:868 Ф16mm:1200 Ф16mm:2058 Ф16mm:4788
Ф22mm:440 Ф22mm:872 Ф22mm:1440 Ф22mm:> 2160 Ф22mm:440 Ф22mm:654 Ф22mm:1050 Ф22mm:2460
There are the homologous products’s parameters , you can refer to this table to choose the suitable product for you.

Detailed Photos

1.Pre-Freezing and drying process are both finished on shelf.
2.Shelf temperature uniformity ≤ ±1ºC , with uniform drying effect.
3.Shelf temperature adjustable , controlled, suitable for pilot and production.
4.Freeze drying parameter can be changed during freeze dryer running, and records final drying data.
5.7 inch embedded integrated color touch-screen. PLC controlling. Display drying curve.
6.Square tray easy to operate and clean.
7.With charging valve, to fill dry inert gas.
8.Drying chamber door using colorless transparent organic glass, user can clearly view products freeze-drying process.
9.Optional eutectic point test functions, convenient for getting freeze-drying process of the sample.
10.Optional remote monitoring and remote operation functions, convenient for user operation in different conditions.
11.Vacuum regulation device is optional.

Packaging & Shipping

-Export wooden case 
-Both neutral and customized packaging are available.
-Usually, we ship the goods by International Express such as DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx and UPS for small volume goods, and ship the big volume goods by air or ocean.

Company Profile

      TOPTION is professional lab solution provider,and all devoted to provide the best solutions & products for global customers,who are work in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, environment analysis, food, academic research, etc.  

    TOPTION brand instrument has own high reputation in more than 70 countries and regions, provide technical support for tens of thousands organizations to solve problems within their research, special foruniversity, research institutes, industries, inspection agencies, etc.

  TOPTION has passed the "ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System"certification and most of products have passed CE certification,the quality can be assured.

Parameters Table

Model NO.
TPV-100F vacuum freeze dryer lyophilizer

Condenser Temperature
<-75 ºC(No Load)

Vacuum Degree
<5 PA (No Load)

Water-Capture Capability

Cooling Model
Air Cooling

Shelf Size

Bulk Capacity Thickness:10mm

Freezing-Drying Processing

Transport Package
Wooden Box

1.04m2 pilot vacuum freeze dryer



HS Code

Production Capacity