China Oily Asphalt to Diesel Refining Plant by Pyrolysis and Distillation

China Oily Asphalt to Diesel Refining Plant by Pyrolysis and Distillation

Product Description

1.Technical parameters

NO. Name Parameter
1 The raw materials: heavy sludge oil
2 Daily capacity: 12 ton /day
3 The size of reactor (D*L) 2800-6600  mm
4 Reactor material Q345R
5 Average oil productivity: 50 %,
6 Average carbon productivity: 30%
7 Average whater productivity: 10%-15%
10 pyrolysis time 10 hours
11 Discharge time 1.5 hour
12. Feeding time 3 hour
13 Cooling time 3hours
14 Working pressure Normal /slightly negative
15 Power 15 kw
16 Fuel Coal. Wood, gas etc
17 Working area 1000 square meters
18 Total weight 28000kgs
19 Reactor rotate speed 0.25-0.4/min
20. Noise No more than 85 db
21. Type NEW TECH Pollution free
22. Certificate CE,.ISO.

2. Major parts :
reactor with base and cover
oil -gas separator
heavy oil tanl
cooling system
light oil tank
water sealing
dedust system
waste gas recycle system
slag out device
control board

3. Work flow
loading plastic into reactor
heating reactor
after heating , solid plastic converted to oil gas
oil gas go into oil-gas separator ,heavy oil deposit and go to heavy oil tank, light oil gas go to cooling system
after cooling ,light oil gas change to liquid oil and go into light oil tank
non-liquid oil gas will to water sealing tank, then back to combustor burning to heat reactor as fuel
smoke produced by heating reactor will go to dedust system, after dedust system treatment , smoke change to white clean waster steam ,then go to sky through chimney.

4.plant features:
1.)Environmental protection equipment: The complete set of unit produces
   no smoke and no smell
2.) High efficiency and good performance: the output capacity of pure raw
   is more than 80% . net oil yield over more than 40%
3. )The design of unit is reasonable and advanced :fatey and easy to use
7. Terms and Condition
1) Payment term: 30% TT advance payment 70%TT payment before plant shifting .
2) Delivery time: for batch type plant, loading plant within 20days after getting your advance payment, for fully continuous plant, loading plant within 50days
3) About installation: we will send technician for guiding installation and test machine  and training your workers for free. The Installation period is one months, buyers offer round tickets and accommodation for our technician.
4) Warranty: The whole set plant warranty period is one year (easy-ware parts except). The reactor warranty is 3 years. We will not be responsible for problems caused by personal  wrong operation

5.other choice

Pyrolysis plant
(convert waste to fuel oil )

Type Daily capacity Used for Final Product and usage
Batch type 5Ton

Waste tyre
Oil sludge
Oily waste

Fuel oil
Used for heating boiler as furnace oil Or refined for distillation oil

Semi-continuous type 15Ton,
Fully continuous type 20ton
Special type 20Ton


Parameters Table

Model NO.

<50 Tons


Using Life
<15 Years


Type of General Rubber Machinery
Rubber Recycle Machine

Type of Tire Machinery
Tyre Recycle Machine

Plant Name
Oily Asphalt to Diesel Refining Plant by Pyrolysis

out Put
Oil and Carbon


Transport Package
Reinforce Packing



Shangqiu, Henan, China

HS Code

Production Capacity