China Oil Refining Equipment to Produce Pure Oil Refinery Machine

China Oil Refining Equipment to Produce Pure Oil Refinery Machine

Product Description

     Homemade Agricultural Machine Oil Refinery, Refind Repseed Oil Refined Sunflower Oil for Sale

Structure and principal of Small Crude Vegetable  sunflower Oil Refinery :
The refinement oil equipments produced by our factory includes Water-adding oil tank, acid-adding oil tank, de-coloring oil tank and oil-transferring system 

 important stages of refining:
1).Hydration degumming: A kind of degumming method by taking advantage of the hydrophilicity of the peptized foreign body phospholipids, adding a certain amount of water into the crude oil to make the peptized foreign body in the crude oil imbibed and expanded and then agglomerated and separated.
2). Alkaline refining and deacidification: deacidification method is a refining method to use the soap produced by the free fatty acid in the alkaline and grease 
 and then to removing the other foreign bodies from the oil. The precipitate after alkaline refining is soapstock.
3).Washing and drying: That is washing and dehydration. For the influence of lye condition or the restriction of separation efficiency, 
 the oil in the process of alkaline refining left a part of soap and organic base which shall be washed to reduce the residue amount. 
 The oil products after washing shall be dehydrated to avoid the metamorphosis and emulsification which may affect the follow-up bleaching. 
4).Decoloring Is to use some matters which have strong preferential adsorption to some certain pigment to absorb the pigment and other matters in the oil under certain condition to finish bleaching. 
Working operations of Palm Oil Refinery Peanut Sunflower Soybean Oil Refining Machine:
 Degumming –alkali refining –washing and drying –decoloring –filtering –refined oil

Product advantages:
For Increasing demand of improving oil quality from the oil shop, CANMAX has developed this refining plant, it can realise the Degumming,deacidification,decolorization,Dehydration, oil after refining plant can reach National Level 2 standard, it has be welcomed by clients all over the world. 

model capacity(KG/D) weight(KG) packing size(MM) Power(kw)
JLJ50D 500 240 1500*680*1400 5
JLJ75B 2000 380 3000*830*1700 15
JLJ75C 2500 450 3900*830*1700 20

Machine Parts:                                                                                              

1.Name: Operation Panel 
Function: Operation Panel is with the markings in English, the main botton are for switch , temperature control, stirring speed control, oil pump control and heat control.

2.Name: Motors
Function: The small oil refinery machine are with at least three motors working together to support the whole system. We adopt the domestic famous brand motors.

3.Name: Stirring tank
Function:The oil refinery tank is with automatic stirring design to realize the heating and stirring at the same time. All inside and outside parts of the tanks are full stainless steel material.


4.Name: Bleaching earth pot
Function: This pot is essential for bleaching function, we filled the pot with bleaching earth with filter bag before start operation.

Production Main Features

1.Material:stainless steel 
2.The most economical Oil refining equipment, oil temperature artificially controlled , all instrument display, simple and safe to operate.
3.Add accessories by a special device control, oil does not overflow. 
4.Adopting advanced world famous brand components in drive parts,electric parts and operation parts. 
5.The refined oil reached the national oil standards II, can be directly canned and sold into the supermarket.


Q1: What is the Warranty & Insurance for the machines?
A1: 12 months for free, and lifelong paid service available. Buyers are responsible for additional tax, customs fee and Duty for importing (if any). Insurance is optional. We are not responsible for package lost or damaged during delivery if they are not insured.


Q2: What is the raw material of this machine?
A2: Stainless steel .


Q3: How can I get the bottom price?
A3: The price marked is already the best price for you.


Q4: How long will it take to receive my product?
A4: In general, it will take you 10-15 days to get it.


Q5: What payment methods can I use?

A5: Currently, you can pay via L/C,Western Union,T/T(bank transfer),Paypal, MasterCard.


Q6: What is the return policy?

A6: 1. If there is something wrong with the product, please contact us within 3 days. Product exchange notified after 3 days may not be honored for replacement.

2. The product MUST be returned in its original presentation package. And the product could be returned only if it is natural broken and it has never been used Please include in the returned package your name, email address, telephone number, and reason for return.

3. Buyer should be responsible for ALL Return shipping costs.

Q7: What is your feedback policy?

A7: We appreciate your positive feedback and we will promptly do the same; if you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us first to negotiate before you give Neutral or negative feedback. Thanks for your understanding.

Q8: Customer Service:

A8: Please contact us any time when you have questions or problems upon our products. Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Raw Material
Stainless Steeel



Pretreatment, Extraction, Refining

Press Materials
Oil Seed


Oil Qaulity
Food Stage

Product Name
Oil Refining Machine



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After-Sales Service Provided
Video Technical Support

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