China Oil Extractor Cooking Oil Leaching Machines Shea Nut Oil in Cosmetic Field Soybean Oil Leaching Machine

China Oil Extractor Cooking Oil Leaching Machines Shea Nut Oil in Cosmetic Field Soybean Oil Leaching Machine

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Our belief is "Seiko Winning". Henan Huatai Factory covers an area of 100,000m2, of which the workshop covers an area of over 21600 m2. The headquarters is equipped with 8 standard production workshops, 2 machining workshops and 12 engineering installations. Huatai Machinery has 120 sets of various production and processing equipment, including more than 80 lathes, planers, milling machines and drilling machines, more than 10 sets of shearing equipment, 6 automatic welding machines for submerged arc welding, DC welding machines and AC welding machines. Multiple units are also equipped with various auxiliary equipment and testing equipment. Welcome to visit our factory! 

Huatai Products list 

  1. 30~1000T/D rice bran expanding pretreatment process,solvent extracting processing equipment
  2. 30~600T/D Rice bran First-grade oil refining equipment
  3. Series rice bran molecular distillation refining primary oil complete equipment
  4. 30~5000T/D Oil pretreatment, pre-pressing, leaching equipment
  5. 50~1200T/D Grease refining equipment
  6. 10~2000T/D Corn deep processing equipment
  7. 10~1200T/D Palm oil, cottonseed oil refining and separation equipment
  8. 30~1000T/D Biodiesel equipment
  9. Rice bran oil, cottonseed oil mixed oil refining equipment

Oil extraction method and its advantages
   Extracting process oil is one of the main methods of modern oil extraction, and it is also a method of high oil extraction rate, which has obvious advantages compared with the pressing method. First of all, the oil yield of the extracting method is higher than that of the pressing method, and the oil residue after the extracting method is less than 1%, which has a significance for the rational use of oil resources. Second, the oil content of the oil after extraction is relatively high in quality and good in quality, and can be used as a raw material for video and feed production. Third, the production scale is large and the processing cost is low. Fourth, the degree of automation is high, and the extracting method is a combination of chemical production units, and it is easy to realize automatic control of temperature, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow, and material level. Fifth, the production environment is good, because it is closed production, no leakage, no dust, and low temperature, the production environment is better than the pressing method.
   The basic process of oil production by extracting method is that the oil solute is leached by a certain treatment and then leached with 6# solvent oil (n-hexane) as a solvent. The leached solution is called a miscella, and the miscell is evaporated and stripped to obtain crude oil. After extracting solid is called wet meal. The wet meal is desolvated to produce the desired finished meal, and the solvent mixture gas which is evaporated, stripped and evaporated is subjected to condensation and water separation recovery, and the recovered solvent is recycled. The extracting process includes four steps of oil extracting, mixed oil evaporation, and wet smelting and solvent recovery.

Wet Meal Desolventizer
After the wet meal is discharged from the extracting device, a considerable portion of the solvent needs to be removed. This part of the solvent must be taken out and recycled. In the leaching system, the operation of the wet meal desolvent unit is called the wet meal desolvent toasting process. By means of the vaporization of direct steam and the heating of indirect water vapor, the solvent in the wet meal is removed, so that the residue solvent and moisture in the treated meal meet the process requirements. The wet meal desolvent toasting process essentially is a transfer process that solvent from the solid phase to the gas phase.
At present, the continuous desolvent toasting equipment mainly includes horizontal dryer, vertical desolventer and toaster, DT desolventer and toaster, DTDC desolventer and toaster and high material layer desolventer and toaster, etc., which are generally operated at normal pressure, and also Negative pressure operation,

Stripping and Condensation

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