China New Poducts Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

China New Poducts Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

Product Description

                       New Product Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

Process flow and description of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

After Palm Fruit Oil Extraction, get the palm kernel. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine


To use centrifuge sieve to clear to rid of impurity ,clod and small stones ,fibre,etc from the palm nut . Then use crack the nut into two or more parts,use the claybath method to seperate out the shell and kernel.

Then use the hot wind to dry the kernel,to remove out the more moisture for gettting the pressing condition .

Then they are crushed into small size granules. Then it is conveyed into cooker vessel for softy firstly in the first layer, then go into the other vessel to be roasted .

it reach at oil press for getting most of oil and the cake ,At last, the oil is filtered and send it to the refiner line ,the cake is stored.

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Equipment Whole Line Drawing:


Description of main equipment for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine/Equipment

(1) Palm Fiber& Nut Separator Machine

Adopts the roll screener to centrifuge Separating the nut and impurity. Separating rate > 95%

(2)Huller system Twin-roller Crackers cracks the nut into 2-3 parts. The equipment should avoid cracking the kernel.Rate of hulling > 95% Cracking rate < 3%

(3)Seperator for mixture of kernel and clay .

(4)Dryer to remove out the moisture from the kernel . this process adopts the vertical dryer ,with the hot wind to transfer the heats (80-90degrees). It removes out the more mositure.Automatic control and safety device of automatic moisture meter, automatic temperature control, pressure switches,   motor overload protection, automatic ignition, automatic shutdown

Note: the selection of hot air furnace as heat source, The fuel could be palm shell,fiber,and palm bunch,etc.

(5)Crusher & Flake equipment

Use crusher to crush the seeds into pieces .

To make the seeds into pieces between the thickness 0.3 – 0.35 mm, so it’s well-proportioned by heating,also for the soaking process .

(6)COOKER treat the raw materials, soft organization structure .detroy the oil molecule ,so easily press it .Remove the moisture to 5% orso .

The process is to Add the hot water into the raw material rushed/flaked to moist, to add steams for cooking the raw material, to dry them for ridding off more water content .In the process, with the water and temperature to make the protein of seeds change the character , make the oil moleculeo loose for easyly pressing to get rude oil ,also get the better cake and oil .Water content :5 – 10 %; temperature : 105 – 110 degrees ; Requiring Time : 60mins .

(7)Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine


The process is to press the seeds and get enough oil . Requiring water content :3.5- 4.2 % ;Temperature 105 – 110 degrees ; Residue oil of cake 6% orso 
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine main Specification:

Model Capacity
(T/D 24 hours)
Outside Size(MM) Weight(KG)
6YL-68 1-1.5 5.5 900*530*760 160kg
6YL-80 2-3 5.5 1810*560*735 370kg
6YL-100 3-5 7.5 1910*610*765  480kg
6YL-120 5T-6T/D 11 2060*610*760  650kg
6YL-130 8-10T/D 18.5kw 2100*700* 770 850kg
HPYL-180 15T-18T/D 30kw 2280*700* 770  1100kg
HPYL-200 25T-30T/D 37kw+2.2kw 2700*1000* 2700  2700kg


(8)Palm Kernel Oil Filtering oil

 Firstly to fite the rude oil with oil-dreg sieves,who run reposefully, less malfunction, less occupying area , it’s the better oil-dreg seperator,then use oil filter.


Company Detail Contact Information:

Henan Double Elephants Machinery I/E Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Holyphant Machinery Co., Ltd 

Room 609 Xindi Commerce Bld, 131# Huanghe Road, Zhengzhou, Henan-China.   

Tel:+86 15038228936   

Parameters Table

Model NO.
HYPL-180 Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine



Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

1t-30t/D for Plam Kernel Oil Extraction Machine


Machine Type
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

500-300kgs for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

Machine Model
Hpyl-180 Hpyl-200 Palm Kernel Oil Extraction

Fcatory Add
Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City, Henan-China

Oil Press Manufacture
More Than 40 Years Experience

Delivery Time
1-3 Weeks After Received Your Payment

After-Sales Service
Engineer Is Responsible for Installation and Debug

Transport Package
Wood Fuminicated Box

National Standard



HS Code

Production Capacity
25-30t/D for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine