China Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifying Machine Black Color Removal (ZYB

China Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifying Machine Black Color Removal (ZYB

Product Description

Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifying Machine For Black Color Removal(ZYB-50)

Mainly deal with the insulating oil from old transformer, switch and instrument transformer. Especially suitable for the regenerate of insulating oil with extremely poor quality.
1. Besides has the function of dehydrating, degassing, eliminating impurities, also has the function of regenerating the oil with poor quality by efficiently remove deep oxides, free carbon in the oil. And makes these oil reach the normal index like anti-oxides, acid-alkali water-solubility and so on.
2. Three methods to use: used to vacuum dehydrate, degas, eliminating impurities; used to regenerating independently; used to all the stuffs together.

Besides has the function of dehydrating, degassing and eliminating impurities, also has the function of improving many values reach to the national standards including acid value, PH value and can get rid of free carbon, deep oxide and so on.
Technical Parameters:

Parameters Unit ZYB-20 ZYB -30 ZYB -50 ZYB -100 ZYB -150 ZYB -200
Flow rate L/min 20 30 50 100 150 200
Working vacuum Mpa -0.06~-0.095
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range ºC 10~ 80
Working hours without fault H ≥ 4000
Continuous working hours H 150
Working noise dB(A) ≤60 ≤70 ≤72 ≤75 ≤80 ≤80
Heating power kW 18 24 30 45 60 72
Total power kW 22 28 35 50 68 80
Oil inlet/Outlet mm Ø25 Ø25 Ø32 Ø42 Ø50 Ø50
Weight kg 400 450 600 800 850 900
Overall Length mm 1500 1600 1600 1600 1600 1700
Width mm 900 900 900 950 950 1000
Height mm 1550 1650 1700 1700 1800 1900
Guarantee Value Breakdown Voltage kV ≥70
Moisture Content PPM ≤5
Gas Content % 0.1
Impurity size μm ≤1(or as costumer request)
β value % 96
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.03
Dielectric dissipation value tgδ(90ºC) ≤0.001


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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Mechanical Principle

Transport Package
Wooden Case

1600X950X1700 Mm


Chongqing, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
1000 Sets/Month