China Mobile Small Dielectric Oil Purification Machine for Power Company (ZYD

China Mobile Small Dielectric Oil Purification Machine for Power Company (ZYD

Product Description

ZYD-20 Mobile Small Dielectric Oil Purification Machine for reconditioning degas for transformers(ZYD)

    Series ZYD double-stage vacuum oil purifier combined the new technology from the same product of home and abroad. It is suitable for insulating oil from electric power plant, power station, power company, electric cable, transformer. Especially suitable for the installation and overhaul of huge equipment of electricity transmit and transformer in national main electrified wire netting.
Technical Feature:
1. Double-stage fast vacuum system and multistage vacuum analysis system which can eliminate the moisture, gas, impurity and so on.
2. Three-dimensional quick evaporate technology of dehydrate and degas which can efficiently remove the moisture and gas in oil and makes breakdown pressure increase to 75 kV above in a short time.
3. Complex high speed degassing spiral flow structure, oil and gas independent two-channel technology which can remove all kinds of hydrocarbons, ensure there is no acetylene and hydrogen content in oil.
4. Carbon fibrin infrared heating system, PID constant temperature control system, avoiding overheating and heating without any content.
5. Multistage filter system with high β value which can eliminate impurity efficiently.
6. Specially made oil pump which has lower noise and meet the environment-protect request.
7. Work automatically, charge oil vacuum to transformer and dry the hot oil.
8. Infrared liquid level sensor, constant temperature control system, forth breaking control system, pressure protective control system, linkage protect system and efficient dehydrate and degas system ensure machine work efficiently and safely in a long period.  

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Unit ZYD-30 ZYD-50 ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200 ZYD-250 ZYD-300
Flow rate L/min 30 50 100 150 200 250 300
Working vacuum MPa -0.08 ~ -0.099
Working pressure MPa ≤0.3
Temperature range ºC 20 ~ 80
Power   3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz (or as customer request)
Working hours without fault H ≥ 4000
Continuous working hours H 150
Working noise dB(A) 70 70 70 75 75 75 75
Heating power KW 28 30 45 60 75 90 120
Total power KW 35.5 37.5 52.5 71.4 86.5 102.5 135
Inlet/outlet   mm φ25 φ32 φ42 φ50 φ50 φ60 φ60
Weight Kg 600 800 1050 1400 1800 2000 2200
Overall Length mm 1500 1600 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200
Width mm 800 850 1100 1150 1200 1200 1200
Height mm 1600 1700 1900 2000 2100 2200 2300
Breakdown Voltage kV ≥7
Moisture content PPM ≤3
Gas content % 0.1
Impurity size μm ≤1(or as customer request)
β value % 98

About us:

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Chongqing TOP is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purifiers and various related testers. We consists of departments respectively for technological development, machinery manufacture, instrument manufacture, quality control etc. On basis of mature development and manufacture technology and highly qualified production management team, the products own high quality, easy operation, excellent performance and lone service life.

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TOP Oil Purifiers uses single or multi-stage filtration to remove, particulate, free water, and small quantities of dissolved water if necessary. The systems are usually customized to suite the specific customer application. Oil "regeneration", "reclamation", "recycling" are all terms used to describe the process of restoring used, aged, contaminated oils to "like new" reusable condition. The reclamation process removes free water, most dissolved water, dissolved gas, particulate, carbon contamination, acids, oxidation by products, most color bodies, wear metals, and most additive chemicals.

TOP Oil Testers works on the development, production, market, technical and after-sale service for petrochemical analyzers, transformer substation electrical testing equipment and circuit detecting equipment. Main products are water content testers, surface/interfacial tension testers, flash point testers, kinematic viscosity testers, oil acidity testers, insulation oil dielectric strength testers, transformer characteristics testers, relay protection testers, high voltage testing equipment etc


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Mechanical Principle

Transport Package
Wooden Case

1800X1100X1900 Mm


Chongqing, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
1000 Sets/Month