China Medium Oil Machine Automatic Mustard Canola Oil Production Machine

China Medium Oil Machine Automatic Mustard Canola Oil Production Machine

Product Description

YZYX10-6/8WZ multi-functional oil extractor with oil filter is our small combined model.
1. It has heater, squeezing machine and vacuum filter machine in one. 
2. The oil left in cake is only 6.5%, much better than the national standard of 8.0%.



1. The seeds fall into the machine from the hopper.
2. The squeezing machine extracts the oil from the seeds.
3. And then the crude oil directly flow to the vacuum filter to be purified. After that, the
    oil is clean and edible.



1. These combined functions saves labor cost and land using. It is an ideal equipment for oil factory
    or pressing oil for clients with material they supplied.
2. Clients could see how the oil is extracted out and trust the oil quality.  

Quality standard

1. Conforms to GB/T9793.1-19999 of People’s Republic of China.
2. Been ISO and BV certified.

Applicable oil seeds

YZYX10-6/8WZ is 3 step squeezing model, suitable for pressing oil from any
seeds, like peanut, sesame, , coconut, palm kernel, corn germ, tung seed and rapeseeds, etc.

(Note: above are part of the applicable oil seeds only. Many other applicable oil material 
not shown here)

After-sale service

1. Free replacement of accessories in 6 months from the date of purchasing.

2. Free replacement of main body in 12 months from the date of purchasing.   

3. We have professional engineering team to help users plan and design the oil production line.


Workshop display 

Feel free to contact me for any information!

Model YZYX10-6/8WZ                           
Processing capacity (t/24h) 4.5
Oil content of dry cakes (%) ≤7.8
Main electromotor power (KW)  11
Pump electromotor power(KW) 1.1
Temperature control power(KW) 2.65
Measurement (mm) 1818×1450×1735
Spiral axes rotate speed (r/min) 32-40
Weight (KG) 1042

Parameters Table

Model NO.



3 Step Pressing Combined Electric Oil Press

Processing Capacity
180kgs Per Hour, 4.5ton Per Day

Pressing Method
Hot and Cold Press

Heating Power
2.65 Kw

Filtration Power
1.1 Kw

Oil Content of Dry Cake
< 7.8 %

Motor Power
11 Kw

Transport Package
Solid Wooden Box



Mianyang, Sichuan, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
400PCS Per Month