China Mazut Oil Refining to Diesel Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant 40

China Mazut Oil Refining to Diesel Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant 40

Product Description

1. Plant Features:
1) widely usage
  Can be used for tyre 5-10cm,plastic,rubber ,oil sludge, cooking waste ,live waste, oil sand ,oily soild
2) static pyrolysis ,getting higher quality oil, less dust in oil
3) large capacity
24hours produce 40-60 Ton material
4) continuous pyrolysis, no need cooling reactor, saving fuel, saving working time
5) The plant can working 25dyas*24hours without stop, fully continuous
 6) Continuous feeding without stop
 7) Continuous slag out without stop
  8) Non-liquid gas can be reused to support heating for heating reactor , saving fuel energy
9) good pressure tightness, safe

2. Technical parameter

Reactor size (L*W*H)6*2*2.5M
volumn 30/60M3
material Q345R/Stainless steel
Work pressure Normal pressure/slightly negative pressure
Process capacity /24hours 60 Ton tyre
40 Ton plastic
Oil sludge  40-60Ton
mazut oil 40-60ton
output diesel oil
Working principle Oxygen free pyrolysis
workers 1
power 20/40kw
voltage 220v/380v
Power consumption/24hours 230 kw
Water consumption /4-6Ton
Feeding time Continuous feeding
Carbon discharge time Continuous slage out
working life time 4-5yeat
Slag temperature 150ºC
Fuel Gas, oil
Pyrolysis way Static pyrolysis, non-rotate
Slag way Continuous slag out
Dust smoke temperature 350ºC
Pyrolysis temperature 280-350ºC
Max-temperature 600ºC
oil come temperature 350ºC
Raw material delivery speed 0.4-2m/min


4. The difference bettween batch pyrolysis ,semi-continuous pyrolysis and fully continuous pyrolysis plant


Type Feeding way Heating way Heating fuel Reactor type Pyrolsysis way environmental effect Featurs
Batch By human Direct /indirect heating Coal, wood, oil, gas Round type/cylinder Rotation pyrolsysis environmental After one batch
need to cool down
Semi-continuous Auto-feeder Direct /indirect heating Coal, wood, oil, gas Round type/cylinder Rotation pyrolsyis environmental Need to cool down to slag
Fully continuous Auto-feeder Indirect Oil,gas Cuboid/rectangular Static pyrolsysis
output oil with less dust, oil with better quality
Less dust, more environmental No need to cool
Saving fuel and working time

Working details:
batch type:
one day one batch, day time heating pyrolysis, night time cooling .
semi-continuous type:
First time feeding 10Ton and heating, after 8 or 6 hours feeding second time 6 Ton and heating and pyrolsyis for another 6 hours
then feeding third time 4 Ton . And continue heating, after 5hours, this 5 Ton raw material complete pyrolsyised ,then cooling down reactor , and slag out. Semi-continuous pyrolysis means feeding 3 times (intermittent) and slag one time.
Compare to batch type, this semi-continuous plant just add auto feeder. this is not real meaning continuous.
fully continuous pyrolsysis,
continuous feeding without stop and the plant running 24hours*26dayst untill plant overhual.
continuous feeding , and continuous slag out.

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Environmental Friendly


Mazut Oil

Diesel Oil

Heating Way
Indirect Heating

Heating Fuel

Machine Wegiht

Working Area
300 Square-Meters

Transport Package
Sea Worthy Packing




HS Code

Production Capacity