China Manufacture Aniline Oil/Aniline Finished Leather/Price of Aniline

China Manufacture Aniline Oil/Aniline Finished Leather/Price of Aniline

Product Description

               Manufacture Aniline Oil/Aniline Finished Leather/Price of Aniline

1.Production descriprion

Application :
1. Aniline is mainly used in MDI, dye industry, rubber auxiliaries, medicine, pesticides and organic intermediates.

2. Aniline is one of the most important intermediates in the dye industry. In the dye industry, aniline can be used to produce acid ink blue G, acid medium BS, acid light yellow, direct orange S, direct pink, indigo, dispersed yellow brown, cationic pink FG and reactive bright red X-SB, etc.In terms of organic pigments, it is used to produce gold red, gold red G, big red powder, phenol cyanine red, oil-soluble black and so on.

3. Used for aniline black dye in printing and dyeing industry.

4. In the pesticide industry, it is used to produce many insecticides and fungicides such as DDV, weeding ether, toxoxamine, etc

Aniline is an important raw material of rubber auxiliaries, used in the manufacture of aging agent A, aging agent D, aging agent RD and 4010, accelerator M, 808, D and CA, etc.It can also be used as the raw material of medicine sulfanilamide and the intermediate of producing perfume, plastic, varnish, film, etc.It can also be used as stabilizer in explosives, explosion-proof agent in gasoline and solvent.Other can also be used to produce hydroquinone, 2-phenyl indoles, etc.

5. Aniline is an important raw material for the production of pesticides. Aniline can be derived from N-alkyl aniline, alkyl aniline, o-nitroaniline, cyclohexylamine, etc., and can be used as the intermediate of fungicide dirust sodium, seed dressing, insecticide triazophos, pyridazophos, quetiophosphorus, herbicide methylamine, cycloazine, imidazole quinolinic acid, etc.

                                           Inspection Report
Item Standard Result
Appearance Colorless to light yellow, transparent liquid Coincidence
Purity, % ≥ 99.90 99.96
Nitrobenzene, % ≤ 0.01 0.005
Moisture, % ≤ 0.30 0.05
Freezing Point, ºC≥ -6.4 -6.0
 APHA value  60 40
Conclusion: Qualified, and meet the requirement of pharmaceutical grade.


The packing details:
1.200kg*80drums,total 16 tons/fcl;
2.23tons/Iso tank;
3. Bulk carrier≥500mt;
4. According to customer requirements.

Port of Loading:
Qingdao port / Shanghai port /Taizhou Port

Delivery Date: Prompt delivery of the goods

3. Company profile

Shandong S-sailing Group—shandong Jinling International Trade Co.,Ltd. and Dongying Juncheng Import and Export Co.,Ltd. Our main products include basic inorganic and organic chemicals, such as Methylene Chloride, Chloromethane,Aniline oil,Cyclohexanone,IPA,Ethanol, TDI80/20,POP series,polyol,Potassium Hydroxide, MaleicAcetate,Ethyl Acetate,Butyl Acetate,Dimethylcarbonate(DMC), Propylene glycol(PG),Dimethylformamide(DMF), Dichloroethane , etc. All the products with all set of chemicals license. As one of the largest distributors on Methane and chloride in China, we won the good reputation from our clients at home and abroad.

4.Our Service

24hours Service     Rich experience        Higher loyalty     Better commitment

1.Goods:manufacturing and packaging the goods according to the clients’ request.
2.Quality: testing the final products before packing.
   Under Advanced equipments,KT Process, strict quality control

3.Doucuments: Full set of docs will be prepared accurately and thoughtfully

4.Shipment: timely and efficient vessel
5.Samlpes:Sample(250g or 500g) can be available for your test.
6.After-Sales Service
Any questions about the product and vessel info can be traced at any time. 


Q: Are You Factory?
A: Yes,We Are Factory.
Q: What is your purity of Aniline oil ? And how can you guarantee your quality?
A: 99.95%min. Our factory is one of the biggest  Aniline oil manufacturer in china which has very the mature production line. So you can be certain the quality is stable and good. 
Q: How about your delivery? How long is your delivery time?
A: Prompt and reliable delivery by professional shipping line.
Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you have experience of export before?
A: Yes, we do. We have over 10 years export experience and export over 200 fcls regularly by month. We are one of the largest distributors of chemicals industry sales.
Q: What is the payment terms?
A: T/T,L/C,O/A,D/A,D/P 
Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: 1 Ton
Q: Which kind of package do you have?
A: Iron drums, IBC Drums, Flexitank, ISO TANK and bags etc.
Q: How can I get samples?
A: We provide you samples for free, but you have to pay for the courier charges.

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Other Names


Relative Density

Colorless or Slightly Yellow Oily Liquid

Application 1
Mdi, Dye Industry, Rubber Additives, Medicine

Application 2
Pesticides, Organic Intermediates


Flash Point

Transport Package
Iron Drums/ISO Tank / Bulk Carrier

200kg/drum, 23tons/iso tank



HS Code

Production Capacity