China Machinery Repair Shops Equipment Oil Trap Grease Separator Industries Water Treatment Plant

China Machinery Repair Shops Equipment Oil Trap Grease Separator Industries Water Treatment Plant

Product Description

The DAF Separator provides effective of suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from liquids by dissolved air flotation.
Flotation of the solids is accomplished by the introduction of microscopic air bubbles into the process water. As the bubbles rise, they attach themselves to the particles in suspension and carry them to the surface for removed.

Used in
Corresponding  water quality use in : high SS, and  the specific gravity of suspended solids or contaminants is generally slight greater than water, settle effectively and have a pretty clear tendency to precipitate, like: oil and Fats, Food Industry effluents with high solids concentration, Sludge Thickening, Galvanizing Electro planting, Pharmaceutical Industry,  Leather Industry, etc.

1. Extremely high scrapping speed (2-3 times faster than conventional design) and safety operation because of using fully reverse and closed scraper.
2. High hydraulic load and low footprint because of horizontal plates in the separation zone, more effective separation and optimization hydraulic flow in the separation area.
3. Better outlet water quality because of W-shape sludge sedimentation hopper.
4. Effectively minimize chemical consumption because of re-flocculation performance of reverse scraping design.
5. No blind angle in scum collection chamber.   


1. Design treatment capacity:4-300 m3/h.
2. High-rate clarifier for high SS water (light particles, oil and colloid).
3. Fully (100%) manufactured in the factory, and no need secondary welding. It costs 3h for 2 manpower to assemble.
4. Indoor or outdoor layout (environmental temperature should be over 0°C). 
5. Apply to automatic & continuous operation.
6. Design life: Carbon steel material: >10years;
  304 Stainless steel material: >20years.
  316 Stainless steel material: >25 years.

model Capacity(t/h) Dissolved gas water(t/h) Main dynamo power(kw) Foam scraper power(kw) Air compressor power(kw) Dissolved tank size(mm) Overall dimension(mm)
YW-5 4-5 1.5-2 3 0.55 1.5 400*1000 3300*1800*2200
YW-10 8-10 2-3 4 0.55 1.5 500*1512 4000*2100*2200
YW-15 10-15 4-6 7.5 0.55 1.5 500*1512 4400*2400*2200
YW-20 15-20 5-7 7.5 0.55 1.5 500*1512 4600*2400*2200
YW-30 20-30 6-10 7.5 0.55 1.5 500*1512 5200*2600*2400
YW-40 30-40 8-13 7.5 0.75 1.5 600*1880 6000*2600*2400
YW-50 40*50 15*20 7.5 0.75 2.2 600*1880 7000*2600*2400
YW-60 50-60 18-27 11 0.75 2.2 600*1880 7600*2800*2400
YW-70 60-70 22-30 11 0.75 2.2 650*2034 8400*2800*2400
YW-80 70-80 24-32 11 0.75 2.2 650*2034 9200*2800*2400
YW-105 90-105 30-35 15 1.1 3 700*1980 10000*2800*2600
YW-150 125-150 60-80 22 1.1 4 700*1980 13500*2800*2600
YW-200 175-200 80-100 30 1.1 5.5 800*2100 15800*2800*2600
YW-250 225-250 100-120 37 1.1 5.5 800*2400 15200*3400*2600
YW-300 280*300 120*180 37 1.1 5.5 1000*2900 19200*3400*2800

Our Services
1. Detailed installation manual and maintenance guideline are provided with the equipment. 

2. Technical training and site-commissioning are available for you.
3. Any equipment issue, we will stand by. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.

13 Years of Experience
With decades of knowledge in this sector, our equipment are designed to cater for the specialized requirements of sewage and smaller waste water treatment during the internal waste management processes.
Why choose a Dissolved Air Flotation Machine from our company?
we have provided solutions to Factory and municipal sewage around the globe for years – because our experience and skills in this sector are second to none.
BETTER manufactures DAF for a number of different industries, and we specialize in designing reliable equipment for the hospital, food, energy and marine industries. Our trained engineers have many years of experience, thus we are able to offer custom-made DAF for a wide variety of sectors with very different needs.

1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
  A: We are a factory, we have rich experience for manufacturing water processing equipment for more than 10 years.
2.Q:Where is your factory located? How can i visit there?
  A:  Our factory is located in No.1501, Zhucheng city, Shandong Province, China. It is about 2 hours from Qingdao airport. We can pick you up if you need, welcome to visit our factory.
3.Q: Do you have  minimum order quantity request?
  A: No minimum order, but it can get a discount if you order a large quantity.
4.Q: Do you have  certificates?
  A: Yes, we have ISO,SGS certificate.
5.Q: Can you meet my special requirements for my products?
  A: Yes, we have a professional design team. We can provide drawings according to your requirements.
6. Q: How to buy your idea products?
   A: You can provide us your water sources, water quality, flow rate and ground area (contact us for more details).
7. Q: How to pay?
  A: TT and L/C are acceptable and TT will be more appreciated. 30% deposit before producing, 70% balance before loading by TT.
8. Q: What is the delivery time?
  A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 4 to 6 weeks.
9. Q: How to pack the products?
  A: We use standard package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as required, but the fees will be paid by customers.
10. Q: How to keep your equipment from corrosion? 
    A: We use the world-famous paint, like SigmaCoatings, PainBow,etc. What’s more, we paint strictly according to the standard process.
11. Q: How do you manufacture your equipment?
    A: Our machining technology includes laser/plasma cutting, automatic welding, CNC cutting and bending.
12. Q: How to install after the equipment arriving destination? 
    A: We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.


Parameters Table

Model NO.


Transport Package
Seaworthy Package

carbon steel



Production Capacity