China Lws Horizontal 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge for Surimi and Fish Oil

China Lws Horizontal 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge for Surimi and Fish Oil

Product Description

Product description                                                                                       


Horizontal screw centrifuge is for 0.002-3mm material for clarification, separation, dehydration, or    classify 1um-5um solid phased particles. It has two types, one is LW two phase centrifuge, which can separate the solid from the liquid, another is LWS three phase cntrifuge, which can separate the water and solid from the oil.





It is wide application range, work continuously, large processing capacity, low cost, convenient

maintenance and so on. It is the best equipment for separating solid-liquid.


Reference standard                                                                                  


1. Main standard of the national machinery industry. 


JB/T502-2004 "spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge"


JB/T9095-1995 "centrifuge, separator forgings, welding conventional NDT technology standard"


2. The national main standard


GB10894-89 "separation machinery noise sound power level measurement engineering method" 




LW decanter oil centrifuge is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, paper making, mining and other industries.


For LW decanter centrifuge, we have two different types, one is LW decanter centrifuge , which is two phase centrifuge(solid liquid centrifuge),


another is three phase centrifuge (solid liquid liquid centrifuge.)



1) City tap water, domestic sludge dewatering;


2) Oil drilling mud dewatering;


3) Sludge Oil Recovery;


4) Fruit juice separation


5) Refinery sludge concentrated dehydration;


6) Distiller ‘s grains dehydration;


7) Medical sludge dewatering;


8) Soy protein dehydration;


9) Plant oil clarification and separation;


10) Cosmetic clarification and separation;


11) Bleaching powder separation.


12) Paper, printing and dyeing wastewater separation;

Technical paramete                                                                                             


LW two phase                                                                                                     
Type No. Length to diameter ratio Drum speed (r/min) Motor power(KW)
LW260 3.5-4 5000 7.5-11
LW355 2-4.5 4200 11-37
LW420 2-4.5 3800 15-45
LW450 2-4.5 3300 18.5-45
LW480 2-4.5 3000 18.5-55
LW530 2-4 3450 22-75
LW650 2-4 2800 37-110
LW750 2-4 2500 55-132
Three phase:                                                                                                      
Type No. Length to diameter ratio Drum speed (r/min) Motor power(KW)
LW355 2-4 4000 11-30
LW420 2-4 3600 15-37
LW530 2-4 3000 18.5-45

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

SKF Brand


Liquid Discharge
by Gravity and Centripetal Pump

Control Type
Siemens PLC Control Box

Double Motor

Dewatering, Separation, Filtration

Discharge Type
Horizontal Sedimentation Centrifuge

SS304/316/2215 Food Grade

Transport Package
Wooden Case

depend on model


Jiangsu, China

HS Code

Production Capacity