China Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer for Fruit and Vegetables Oil Frying

China Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer for Fruit and Vegetables Oil Frying

Product Description

LW-80 Vacuum Frying Machine


The vacuum low-temperature dehydration of food occupies a very important position due to the existence of vacuum (≤ -0.099mpa), so it is different from normal temperature frying in a sense. Vacuum low-temperature dehydration emerged in the early 1970s. Since the obtained products have better quality than the general traditional frying process, after the 1990s, the technology has developed faster and applied more widely.
This kind of food retains the original flavor and nutritional components of its raw materials. It has delicious taste, wide varieties and high added value. Therefore, it has broad development prospects. The basic principle of vacuum low-temperature dehydration is that under the condition of decompression, the vaporization temperature of water in food is reduced, which can dehydrate rapidly in a short time, so as to realize the dehydration of food under low-temperature conditions. As a heating medium for food dehydration, hot oil can also play an important role in improving food flavor. Among them, fruit and vegetable chips are called "21st century food".
Vacuum pump unit of vacuum low-temperature dehydration equipment is the core equipment for processing fruit and vegetable chips. It has the remarkable characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, high reliability and processing efficiency, energy saving and so on. The processed products can meet high quality requirements.

Equipment Characteristics
1. Low temperature and less loss of nutrients
2. It has puffing effect on food
3. Keep the original color, flavor and nutrition of food
4. The deterioration speed of grease is slow and the fuel consumption is low
5. Fast water evaporation and short drying time
6. Extension of product shelf life

Equipment specification and performance

Technical Parameters for LW-80 Vacuum Frying Machine
Model LW-80
Dimension Outside: 3200*3300*3850mm; Inside: Φ1000mm
Weight 3000kg
Material Vacuum kettle, tank inside and cage: food grade 304 stainless steel; tank outside: insulation layer, stainless steel plate
Power 18kw
Steam pressure 0.35~0.4Mpa
-0.095 Mpa~-0.098 Mpa(no-load test, standard atmospheric pressure)
Work temperature 70~120ºC(adjustable)
Control system Microcomputer automatic control(manual/auto)
De-oil speed 0~300r/min(adjustable)
De-oil method Inner de-oil under the vacuum state
Feeding 80Kg per batch of banana(take banana for example)
Output Take banana for example: About 16kg-20kg finished fried banana/batch (80kg frozen banana input)
Unit capacity 30kg/hour(take potato strips for example: 9*9mm, ≤120ºC)
40kg/hour(take potato chips for example: thickness 1.8mm,
Main parts One unit of vacuum pump system with water circulation
Outer iteration heating system, adopting high quality 304 stainless steel tube type heating ex-changer
One set air-operated system(not include air compressor and air source)
PLC microcomputer control system(manual/automatic)
Material cage 2 sets (round shape, volume 280 L and capacity 
80Kg net material)
Material cage cart 1 set
Equipment instructions and process specification
About Us

Shandong Liwei Group is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of heating, drying, sterilization and vacuum low-temperature dehydration equipment. The company is guided by the world’s cutting-edge R & D. It has won the honor of "specialization and innovation" in Shandong Province for many times. It is a "national high-tech enterprise". Liwei company was established in September 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. In 2020, the enterprise’s sales revenue exceeded 200 million yuan. At present, it has 63 independent patented technologies and more than 200 employees, including more than 60 professional R & D personnel. Our company has established and improved a strict quality standard inspection system and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE quality system certification, intellectual property management system certification, etc. In 2019, it was included in the "Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size" enterprise by the District Bureau of statistics.

Introduction of fruit and vegetable chips
Fruit and vegetable chips belong to a kind of dehydrated fruit and vegetable food, which is fully called vacuum low-temperature dehydrated fruit and vegetable chips, referred to as VF. The product fully retains the nutritional components, color and flavor of fruits and vegetables. It has the characteristics of pure nature, low fat and low calories. It tastes crisp, fresh and natural. It is a fashionable leisure food popular in the world.

Principle and characteristics of dehydrated products
Because the product is processed in a vacuum tank and the dehydration of fruits and vegetables is carried out at a relatively low temperature, the nutritional composition and natural color and flavor of the food are kept from being damaged by high temperature. Therefore, it is very different from fried food at room temperature in sense. Its basic principle is to use three different physical phenomena of oil and water under reduced pressure, (1) The boiling point of oil and water decreases (about 80 ºC for oil and about 40 ºC for water); (2) After reaching the boiling point, water changes from liquid to gaseous; Oil is different; (3) Due to the different specific gravity of oil and water, the water in the materials can be replaced at high boiling point, which can quickly dehydrate fruits, vegetables and other materials in a short time.
Product application

Supporting production line of fruit and vegetable chips



Parameters Table

Model NO.

Fruit Vacuum Frying Machine

304 Stainless Steel


Steam Pressure

Vacuum Degree

Work Temperature

Control Type
Microcomputer Automatic Control

De-Oil Type
Built in Deoiling

De-Oil Speed

80kgs Per Batch

Transport Package
Wooden Box




HS Code

Production Capacity
600 Sets/Year