China Liquid High Capacity Water Cooking Oil Filling Machine (GZS series)

China Liquid High Capacity Water Cooking Oil Filling Machine (GZS series)

Product Description


1. This type of oil filling machine is mainly suitable for all sorts of viscous and nonviscous, erosive liquid, such as plant oil chemical, liquid, daily chemical industry. 
2. This machine integrates filling and capping in one machine. 
3. This Liquid Filling Machine adopts low vacuum filling to ensure filling accurately without bubble of leakage. 
4. Cap screwing device adopts assorted magnetic pieces-structure to avoid damaging the cap when screwing it on the bottle. 
5. The machine will do filling and cap-screwing when there are bottles on the work position and it will not do filling and cap-screwing when there is not any bottle. 
6. It needs to change the bottle conducting board when another kind of bottle is used in production. 
7. The machine is easy to operate and to change for different kinds products. 
8. It is applicable to the production of glass bottle and plastic bottles. 
9. Using microcomputer PLC programmable control system of MITSUBISHI, air course system using AIRTAC Taiwan production, SUS304 material for filling valve Material of the filling valve can also be customized according to customer requirements to ensure quality of the filling machine. 
10. It has applied German technique on photoelectric sensors. 
11. There is a switch for step progressive type supply and continuous supply. It can be set optionally. 
12. It can be installed with the CIP cleaning system according to customer requirement.  
Because of the space of this page is limited, the specifications and parameter in this page may be just matches one signal mode machine. Our factory can customize according to customers’ different requirements. If you have any question, just click the "Chat Now " on the right side of this page, if it’s shows "Off Line", you can click the "Contact Supplier" to tell us what you want to know or your requirements, we will reply you within 24 hours. My name is Catherine. Hope we can become partner in business.

Model Filling number Capping number Production capacity Bottle per hour(1L) Applicable bottle specifications (mm) Power(kw) oil filling machine
GZS12/5 12  5 3000-4000 0.25L-2L 50-108 mm H=170-340mm 3.58 2100x1400x2300
GZS16/6 16  5 5000-6000 3.58 2460x1720x2350
GZS18/6 18  6 7000-8000 4.68 2800x2100x2350
GZS24/8 24  8 9000-10000 4.68 2900x2500x2350
GZS32/10 32 10 12000-14000 6.58 3100x2800x2350
GZS40/12 40 12 15000-18000 6.58 3500x3100x2350

Service Term
1. Installation
The initial installation is not included with the professional member. All installation with our team must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance before actual trip taken. All necessary connectivity must be ready prior the service being scheduled.
While our professional member arrives at the site for a completed and final installation, two days training course will be provide to the customer for operation and maintenance procedure. The initial installation is provided within 5 working days  . The actual installation days many vary, based on different machine mode and packing lines. Each day of working hour consist at 8 working hours. Any additional day will be charge according to our service fee listed below.
When initial installation is being called for our professional member required, the surcharge will be made advance by the purchase at US$80/person/day plus all travel expenses. Travel expenses include documentation fees visa charge); local and destination transportation charges  air, train, ferry, bus, taxi or any means of transportation required to arrive to/from destination); accommodation (minimum of 3 star hotel facility) and 3 daily hot meals.
2. Translator
If translator is required and can’t be provided by purchaser then we will provide a translator for same charge as initial installation stipulated above. All communicate with our engineer should be in Chinese. Any translation provide by us will be based between English and Chinese only. Purchaser is responsible for the translation between local language and English.

Commercial Terms
1. Warranty
All parts are under two Year Warranty with defects from manufacturer. Any other defect caused by human error, mishandling, wear-and tear & any foreseeable conditions will not be covered by this warranty. All electronic parts and component can be guaranteed by original part’s manufacturer or our company.
2. Payment
30% of the total contract amount is to be T/T into assigned account at the period of 5 working days after the Purchase contract is signed.
70% of the balance must to be made via T/T of the remainder balance amount of the purchase contract before the ordered equipment is to be delivered 10 working days prior of the shipment.
We also accept L/C payment, 30% down payment, and 70% L/C at sight


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Filling Principle

Packaging Container Lifting Structure
Pneumatic Lifting



Packaging Material


2 Years

Processing Types

Operation Status


Transport Package
Wooden Case

CE, IOS9001


China(Mainland) Jiangsu

HS Code

Production Capacity
20 Units/Month