China Lemon Distilation Essential Oil Extraction Equipment and Orange Oil Extraction Machine

China Lemon Distilation Essential Oil Extraction Equipment and Orange Oil Extraction Machine

Product Description

Whole Citrus Essential oil Needle Extraction machine
Citrus fruits essential oil extractor/Orange essential oil extractor/Lemon essential oil extractor 

Fresh citrus fruits after washing/cleaning feed into the oil extractor via a bucket elevator, the rotating rasping cylinders inside the oil extractor will rasp the fruits skin to extract the oil, then with water spraying device the water sprays will take out and collect the oil from the surface of the fruits, as water-oil mixture, the separate the oil out by disc centrifugal separator.The separated water will be pumped into a decantation tank after duplex filter, this water can be circulated and pumped to the oil extractor.  

After extracting oil, the citrus is still intact and can enter the subsequent production links such as juicing.

Application: Citrus fruit
High efficiency for extracting oil, more than 90% fruit peel oil can be extracted;
Stable running with low failure rate;
All stainless steel manufacture for convenient clean and maintenance.
Technical Parameters
Capacity (t/h) Drnm diameter (mm) Power (kw)
MYJ100 5-10 1200 5.5+0.37+0.55
MYJ150 10-15 1600 7.5+0.55+0.75
After-sale Service
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Parameters Table

Model NO.

SUS304/316L Both Available

Control Type
Semi-Auto, Full-Auto Both Available

Transport Package
Standard Ocean Packing



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