China Latest Technology Oil Screen Fall Curtain Frying Machine for Peanut

China Latest Technology Oil Screen Fall Curtain Frying Machine for Peanut

Product Description

  Max output capacity :6000kg/h ,small dimension , Europe advanced technology save nearly 90% oil than normal machine .Heatwave continuous fryer cooks snack foods,nuts,beef and seafood.

Suitable nuts peanut green peas pecan
Cashew nut broad beans kernel
Pine nut coffee corn sun flower seeds


Here are our advantages:Heatwave oil curtain fry techology, There are many suppliers in China producing oil curtain fryer machines ,only for a thin layer nuts. BUT our technology can produce 20 cm deeper nuts in one time ,keeping the surface and bottom same tempreture !This is our unique technology in China and it is put into mass products more than 8 years expenrience.

1)Better taste and more healthy  :no pressure from oil or water ,easy puffing,don’t absorb so much oil ,so taste better and is more healthy .Only clean, filtered oil contacts your foods. Fines are quickly removed from the fryer, while 100% if the system oil volume circulates through a filter within seconds,so it’s healthy .

We did a test in our dining hall ,2 kinds of techology peanuts give to workers ,95% workers think our new technology peanuts taster better.

2)High efficence :Our frymachine can produce 6000KG peanuts per hour . 3 times than normal  old technology fry machine.


3)Save production cost . produce 1000KG peanut we only cost 15L oil ,old technology fry machine will cost 80-100L oil .Hear wave gas the lowest oil volume of any continuous fryer. Optimal oil turnover produces foods with the freshest flavor and longest shelf life


4)Save labor cost :Only need 2 worker in whole production line  ,normal frymachine need about 10 workers.

5) Cleanest operation


  • Made by 304 stainless steels
  • Automatic oil temperature controlling
  • It can filter the dregs automatically and also can be equipped with frying circulation-filtering system 
  • Added oil recycle equipment ,save 95% oil .
  • Convenience washing 
  • Automatic oil-filling 
  • Heating way can be electricity ,LPG or gas
  • Electricity leaking protector  
  • When the temperature anomaly, the safeguard will work and give an alarm  

Our Services

   Pre-sales service

   1)If you want we can visit the biggest frying peanut  factory in China .They are using our will see how the machine works .We can show you several food factory ,and visit their workshop.

   2) We supply design service ,such as production capacity 500-1000KG/h  ,1000-2000kg/h  ,2000-6000kg/h…layout drawing will be supplied according to customer’s factory actual size

   3)The machine can be customized according to customers’ requirements

   4) After the machine finished ,will invite your tecnology staff to our factory. We test together ,produce some goods ,teach them how to operate. If there is no problem, then we would load the machine to you.

After-sale service

1. All installation documents and specification will be submitted

2. Will supply necessary wearing parts

3. Engineers will go for installation and training if needed

4.Help you train workers how to operate machine.

4. Will give 24 monthes warranty for using


  We don’t want to just sell you a cold machine, but a warm service after your first mail .


  Latest unique  technology ,better than Canada’s .We are the sole agent of this machine . Good quality ,fair  price .Any questions ,don’t hesitate to contact me.

Parameters Table

Model NO.


Ce/ ISO9001

High Efficiency

Save Labor Cost
Only Need 2 Workers

Two Years

Our Factories Use The Machine for More Tha