China Large Capacity of Corn Oil Corn Germ Oil Manufacturing Plant

China Large Capacity of Corn Oil Corn Germ Oil Manufacturing Plant

Product Description

 Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Company

 Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd, specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of all kinds of oil machinery and equipment. It is the national key manufacture enterprise for oil machinery complete sets of equipment. It is also an outstanding corporate member of Oil and Fat Division of CCOA (Chinese Cereals and Oil Association). We have obtained " Design License of Grade D1 & D2 Pressure Vessel ", "Manufacture License of Grade D1 & D2 Pressure Vessel", "Design License of Pressure Pipeline", "Installation License of Pressure Pipeline", "Manufacture and Installation license of Organic Heat Carrier Boiler", "Mechanical and electrical equipment installation project specialized contracting qualification" and "Work Safety License". Our company has always been to develop oil equipment modernization and internationalization for goal. We commit to research and develop the high and new technology of oil machinery. We have turned the latest scientific research results into productivity rapidly and achieved good social effects and economic returns for developing Chinese oil industry.
  Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co. Ltd has fixed assets net output value of more than 120 million yuan, covers an area of 145 acres, of which the main plant area of 21,600M2, office and auxiliary building area of 14,449 M2, with a variety of advanced production and processing equipment more than 120 sets, lathes, planers, milling machines, drilling machines 80 sets, More than 10 sets of shearing forming equipment, including shearing capacity of 13*2500, coiling capacity of 20*2200 and plasma cutting equipment. There are 6 submerged arc automatic welding machines, more than 80 DC welding machines and AC welding machines. The auxiliary equipment include lifting equipment such as hanging cranes, gantry cranes and automobile cranes. The testing equipment has conventional measurement, leak test, universal material test and More than 30 sets of non-destructive testing, with an annual output value of 260 million yuan.

Corn Germ Oil making 
Using corn as raw material, in the process of producing corn bran, corn starch or corn starch sugar, about 8%-12% of corn germ can be recovered, which can be used to prepare corn germ oil and corn germ protein.

The process, equipment and operation technology of corn germ oil are basically the same as those of other oil materials, and must be cleaned→ dried→ softened→ flaking→ cooking→ pressed→  refined and so on.

Corn gearm Cleaning
The corn germ recovered from corn grits is mixed with much corn flour, corn bran, and needs to be sieved with a double vibrating sieve. The first layer of screen removes large impurities, using 1.5 × 1.5 mesh / cm; the second layer removes corn flour, minced meat and dander, with 4 × 4 mesh / cm, if the sieve is still mixed more for the cuttings, you can use 5 × 5 mesh / cm or 7 × 7 mesh / cm to reduce the loss of corn germ. The corn germ recovered from corn starch is mixed with impurities such as dander and radicle sheath, and needs to be continuously rinsed several times with clear water by a shallow pan or a launder. For example, a factory equipped with a cyclone separator can be produced by using a swirling flow. Centrifugation separates the germ.


The corn germ recovered in the process of making corn grits and corn starches contains higher moisture content after cleaning, the enzyme activity is stronger and is easily propagated by microorganisms, which results in the deterioration and rancidity of oil esters, which affects the yield and quality of oil products. It will reduce the utilization value of the cake. In order to maintain the freshness of the corn germ during storage and transportation, the cleaned corn germ should be dried or dried immediately until the moisture content is below 10%.
The first treatment of oil preparation for corn germ. The moisture content of the corn germ can be adjusted to below 10% while being heated, and the plasticity of the material germ can be changed, then the germ can be rolled into a certain thickness and not easily crushed. In order to prevent the protein from denaturing prematurely, and to make the material lose its elasticity, which affects the processing of rolling, cooking and press oil.

Flaking.  After softening treatment, the corn germ is rolled into 0.3 mm-0.4 mm slices by Roller Mill, which leads to the destruction of the cell structure, shortening of the oil path, and being convenient for cooking and pressing of the material.

The moisture content of the flaker is not less than 12% when the flaker is steamed and cooked in the cooker. After 40 minutes-50 minutes, the moisture content of the flaker is gradually reduced from 12% to 3%-4% when the temperature of the flaker is over 100 °, and you can smell it without burning it. During the whole process of steaming and cooking, the material is subjected to the double-action process of steaming and then frying, and at the same time, the moisture, temperature, plasticity and elasticity of the material are slowly regulated and controlled The destruction of the colloid structure of the denaturation and the decrease of the viscosity of the oil in the oil prepared the conditions for extracting the oil from the material.

Pressing. The methods of making oil and fat include pressing, extraction and water substitution. The equipment and production scale of the press method can be divided into screw press and hydraulic press. Since the production of corn germ oil is mostly carried out in a small scale and auxiliary workshop, it is suitable to use the screw press, which can be a production plant of a slightly larger scale, depending on the production scale, the screw press can be assembled with steaming and cooking equipment. Steam and cooking both, continuous operation, easy to use, steam and cook materials, oil in a group of equipment to complete. When the temperature of the steamed-cooked material is 115 °c-120 °C and the moisture content is 2%-4%, the material will be directly pressed into the press for oil. At this time, the room temperature should be kept at 30 °c-40 °C, the initial material input of the material is less, and the temperature of the press chamber will rise after the press is in normal operation Then evenly feed, oil and the cake output, can smell the cake aroma, cake solid, smooth surface, back crack, oil output normal. If steaming and cooking temperature is low, the material flaker moisture content is on the high side, the cake piece is soft, the water vapor is very thick, the oil color is not good, the white frothing, and the oil production reduces. If steaming and cooking temperature is too high, the flakers moisture content is too low, then the cake color is too dark, the export smoke and has a burnt taste, the oil color is deep, the oil output is also reduced. Normal operation of the press, the general oil press speed control for 8 RPM, material in the press chamber pressing time for 2.5 minutes, 5mm-6mm thickness of the cake. The yield of oil from corn grits is 22%-26%, the yield of oil from corn starch is 25%-28%, and the residual oil in corn cake is 5%-6%. The pressed oil, commonly known as crude oil without refining, contains 0.3% water and volatile matter, 0.2% impurities, 6% acid value, 6% precipitate, pale yellow color and normal smell, heated at 280 °C, The crude oil is not good for storage because of its high content of water and impurities. It needs to be refined by hydration, Alkali refining and deodorization to obtain high quality refined corn oil.

Corn Germ Oil refining 

Advanced workshop appliance

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Oversea Projects of Henan Huatai

No. Country Project Nam
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3 Bangladesh 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
4 Bangladesh 100T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
5 Bangladesh 30TPD Sunflower Seed, Mustard Seed Making Oil Project,30T/D Fully Continuous Oil Refining Project
6 Banglades 15T/D Rapeseed Oil Refining Project
7 Bolivia 60T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
8 Cambodia 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
9 Cameroon 5T/D Palm Oil Stirring Tank
10 Congo 0.5T/H Palm Oil Making Soap Project
11 Congo 400T/D Peanut Making Oil Project
12 Congo 15T/H Palm Fruit Pressing, 10T/H Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
13 Congo 5T/H Palm Fruit Pressing, 5T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
14 Djibouti 2T/D Sunflower Oil Dewaxing Machine
15 Ethiopia 50T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
16 Ethiopia 100T/D Corn Processing Project
17 Ethiopia 15T/D Peanut and Sunflower Seeds Pressing,5T/D Oil Refining Project
18 Ethiopia 5T/D Crude Oil Refinery Project
19 Ethiopia 250T/D Flax Seed Oil Making Project
20 Ethiopia 50T/D Soybean/Peanut oil press and 30T/D Oil Refining Project
21 Ethiopia 15T/DSoybean/Peanut oil press and 10T/D Oil Refining Project
22 Ethiopia 200T/D Palm oil Deacidification &Deodorization,100T/D Palm Oil Fractionation Project
23 Ethiopia 50T/D Sunflower/Cotton Seed,Sesame Oil Press and 20T/D Oil Refining Project
24 Egypt 100T/D Soybean Pretreatment and Extraction Project
25 Egypt 20T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
26 Egypt 10T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Project
27 Estonia 10T/D Biodiesel Distillation Project
28 Ghana 20T/D Corn Flour Production Line Project
29 Indonesia 20T/D Coconut Oil Pressing,10T/D Oil Refining Project
30 Indonesi 3T/D Fragrant Sesame Oil Project
31 Indonesi 3T/D Oil Refining Machine
32 Indonesia 20T/D Maize germ oil pressing and 5T/D oil refining project
33 Kazakhsta 3T/D High-class Cooking Oil Refining Project
34 Kazakhsta 120T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Extraction and Refining Project
35 Kazakhsta 50T/D Safflower Oil Processing Project
36 Kazakhsta 100T/D Soybean Pretreatment ,Oil Press Project
37 Kenya 3T/D Pyrethrin Extraction Project
38 Malaw 2T/D Oil Refining Machine
39 Moldov 3T/D Sunflower Oil Refining&dewaxing  Machine
40 Myanma 3T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine
41 Myanmar 5T/D Oil Refining Project
42 Nigeria 5T/H Palm Fruit and Kernel Pressing Project
43 Nigeria 20T/D Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
44 Nigeria 50T/D Peanut Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project
45 Nigeria 40T/D Cotton Seed Oil Processing and 15T/D Oil Refining Project
46 Nigeria 60T/D Soybean,Peanut,Shea nut Oil Press ,25T/D Oil Refining Project
47 Peru 50T/D Cotton Seed Palm Oil Refining Project
48 Peru 50T/D Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
49 Peru 150T/D Soybean/Palm/Sunflower Oil Refining Project
50 Russia 50T/D Soybean Pretreatment, 50T/D Solvent Extraction and 10T/D Soybean Oil Project
51 Russia 10T/D Rapeseed Oil Pressing Project
52 Russia 10T/D Sunflower/Rapeseed Oil Pressing and 3T/D Oil Refining Project
53 Rwand 10T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
54 Solomon Island 3T/D Coconut Oil Deacidification & Deodorization Project
55 Sri Lank 30T/D Chicken Oil Pressing, 20T/D Chicken Oil Refining Project
56 Sri Lank 5T/D Fish Oil Refining Project
57 Sudan 30T/D Peanut Oil Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project.
58 Swaziland 30T/D Oil Refining Machine
59 Tajikista 50T/D Cottonseed Cake Extraction Project
60 Tajikista 50T/D Cottonseed Pre-pressing Project
61 Tanzania 20T/D Sunflower Seeds Pressing, 5T/D Refining Project
62 Tanzania 10T/D Sunflower Seeds Pressing, 3T/D Refining Project
63 Thailand 10T/H Palm Oil Renovation Project
64 Thailand 45T/H Palm Fruit Sterilization Tank
65 Thailand 2T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
66 Philippines 30T/D Corn Germ Pressing and Refining Project
67 Philippines 15T/D Corn Processing Project
68 Turkmenistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed Pretreatment,30T/D Extraction and 20T/D Refining Project
69 Ukraine 30T/D Sunflower cake Extraction Project
70 Ukraine 50T/D Sunflower cake Extraction Project
71 Uzbekistan 80T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,50T/D Sunflower Oil Refining Project
72 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed,Soybean,Cottonseed Making Oil Project
73 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Soybean Pretreatment, 100T/D Micro-negative Pressure Extraction and 20T/D Grade 1 Oil Refining Project
74 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,30T/D Semi-cotinuous Sunflower Seed Oil Refinery and Dewaxing Project
75 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,50T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Refinery Project
76 Uzbekista 30T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Processing 10T/D Oil Refining Project
77 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Processing 80T/D Extraction Project
78 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 50T/D Extraction and 30T/D Refining Project
79 Uzbekistan 20T/D Sunflower Cake Extraction,2T/D Sunflower Oil Refinery Project
80 Uzbekistan 40T/D Sunflower and Cottonseed Oil Dewaxing Project
81 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed,soybean  Pre-press, 50T/D Extraction and 20T/D Refining Project
82 Uzbekistan 30T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 20T/D Extraction and 10T/D Refining Project
83 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 80T/D Extraction and 40T/D Refining and Dewaxing Project
84 Uzbekistan 80T/D Sunflower Cake ,Soybean Flakers Extraction Refining Project

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