China High Temperature Oil Paint Spray System Production Line for Microwave

China High Temperature Oil Paint Spray System Production Line for Microwave

Product Description

Welcome to Guanjie, and we are the factory to produce the Liquid Painting Line, Powder Coating Line and Logistics Transport Line.
All equipment is customized for your product requirement.

Product Information

Main Systems Including

Systems  Technical Process and Options
Pretreatment Washing, degreasing, etching, phosphating, blasting
Spray Booths Manual or automatic with powder recycle system  
Drying&Curing Ovens  Tunnel ovens, bridge ovens
Heating Source Coal/diesel/bio-particles/L.P.G./N.G./electricity
Transport system Chain conveyor, power and free conveyor 

Water spray paint room
      The outdoor air after purification filter material spray chamber top into the spray chamber from the top down through the workpiece around and workers, and then for ventilation effect outdoor exhaust fan will work in producing containing particles rapidly induced water whirling unit to the floor grid below, from the water overflow overflow to disk the water whirling unit in the water at high speed under the action of the airflow is atomized and into the air the water whirling unit within the well mixed, will clean the majority of particles which into the water. 

Our company uses the western industrial developed countries, electrical appliances, combined with years of rich spraying industry experience, in addition to spraying routine control, the company has increased our unique and stable control functions: automatic identification of workpiece size, color, automatic error correction, and alarm, automatic precision control temperature to achieve energy saving effect.

Our automatic painting line is handled with chain conveyor to send products through preset treatment stages (electrostatic cleaning, paint booth and dry oven etc). Flow chart can be customized according to different product treatment requirements such as electrostatic coating, DISK coating, PU or water based coating etc.

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 We are located in the forefront of China’s reform and opening up city -SHENZHEN, is a set design, development, manufacture, installation and debugging, technical training, and perfect pre-market after-sales service in the integration of industrial automation coating equipment professional manufacturers. Much experience in powder coating equipment, we can provide you with innovative, rational and economical solutions. We can support you with advanced technologies.


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Environmental Protection

Lead Time
30 Days

Own Factory

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
50 Set/Year