China High Quality and High Purity Food Grade White Mineral Oil Easy to Use

China High Quality and High Purity Food Grade White Mineral Oil Easy to Use

Product Description

Product Description

Food grade white oil is made by dewaxing, chemical refining or hydrorefining of oil fractions. It has good yellow resistance, oxidation resistance and viscosity-temperature performance.

Products Basic Information
Product name Food Grade White Mineral Oil
Shelf Life 24 months
Application Molding agent for macaroni, bread, biscuit, chocolate, etc.
Forms Oily liquid
Packaging 170kilos/Iron bucket
Color Colorless transparent, no fluorescence
Odor Odorless
Origin China
Source Oil
Detailed Photos

Product Features:
Food grade white oil is made by dewaxing, chemical refining or hydrorefining of oil fractions. It has good yellow resistance, oxidation resistance and viscosity-temperature performance.

Food-grade white oil is widely used in food glazing, anti-stick, defoaming, smoothing and sealing.

It can be used as a mold agent for macaroni, bread, biscuits, chocolate and other foods, and can extend the storage and fresh-keeping period of wine, vinegar, fruits, vegetables and canned goods.

It can also be used as a mold release agent on baking tools.


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Company Profile
Megafood (Shanghai) Health Technology Co. , Ltd. , is located in Minhang district, Shanghai, near Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, with more than 20 years of experience in global food and functional food raw materials and additives procurement and marketing promotion services, has long-term cooperative relations with more than 70% of domestic medium and large food and health products enterprises, with a perfect and mature sales network and service system. We have long-term cooperation with many medium and large international food raw material suppliers, familiar with new food raw material technology and related applications at home and abroad.


1. Megafood Growth
1995-2010 is a period of rapid growth in China’s food industry. Our team has cooperated with more than 10 world-famous food raw material suppliers, introduced their advanced products and successfully promoted them in the domestic market. Over the past decade, we have accumulated many successful experiences and failure lessons, and now we have become a marketing team with international vision and rich experience in the field of Chinese food raw materials and healthy food raw materials.
2. Megafood Growth
Since 2015, the company has gradually focused on new functional food ingredients such as probiotics industry, prebiotics, and new resources foods to create "
Qing Qing Chang" and "Pet ting" probiotics brands, while continuing to lead the product transformation, formulation upgrading and continuous development of new products in dairy, beverage, candy and other traditional food industries, we have also made beneficial exploration and development in the field of functional healthy food.


Our company relies on the global food raw material supply platform foundation and the abundant technical fund investment, has guaranteed the superiority project consolidation and the sustainable development.

Our Service:
1. 24Hour-On-Line Professional Quick Response.
2. Rich Importing & Exporting Experience to more than 20 countries all over the world.
3. Fast delivery within 10working days after payment.
4. Flexible payment methods: TT, LC, DP, Western Union, Paypal.
5. Professional guide on your purchase strategy based on market trendency.

Factory Display

Packaging & Shipping

Food Grade White Mineral Oil: 170kilos/Iron Bucket



Q1: Can I get some sample?
A: Sure. Free sample can be provided upon request.
Q2: What’s your quality assurance?
A:We have very strict quality control system to avoid any mistakes. Meanwhile, Our products are certified by ISO,HALAL,FSSC etc.
Q3: What’s the MOQ?
A: For most of the products, MOQ is 100kgs, however, pls contact us for confirmation.
Q4: What’s the lead time?
A: Production lead time is around 10days after payment confirmed.
Q5: What’s your payment terms?
A: We accept the following payment terms:
30% TT in advance +70% before shipment, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal
Q6, How long until I can receive the goods?
A: Shipping time depends on many factors (country of destination, quantity of goods, shipping method, Custom control, etc), the delivery time can range from 7days to 45 days.
Q6. What’s the package?
A: All the package will strictly according to products characterias. Generally, inner package is plastic sealed bag, external package is carton.