China High Purity & Quality & Performance Explosion Proof Psa Oxygen O2 Generating Plant with HMI Control Panel / Touch Screen / PLC / Alarm System for Oil and Gas

China High Purity & Quality & Performance Explosion Proof Psa Oxygen O2 Generating Plant with HMI Control Panel / Touch Screen / PLC / Alarm System for Oil and Gas

Product Description

Xin Rui Purification is dedicated to helping customers get the most right solutions for gas purification.

Since 2005, after more than 15 years of continuous development in the industry, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in designing, technical and economic evaluation, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, staff training, and after-sales service, and have been striving to create lasting relationships with customers all over the world, guarantee that they can count on us for honest pricing and quality with zero hassle, which is based on a complete set of production and testing equipment, a perfect organization and a group of highly qualified professional technicians of designing, construction, and manufacturing. 

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Oxygen Generator
Technical indicators of PSA oxygen generators

Model Capacity
Feed gas: dry and clean compressed air Product gas: pure oxygen gas
Pressure(Mpa) Dew point
Residual oil
Dew point
Purity (%) Pressure(Mpa) Temperature
XRFY90 5-200 0.7-1.0 ≤-40 ≤0.003 ≤-50 ≥90 0.6-0.9(adjustable) Ambient  temperature
XRFY91 ≥91
XRFY92 ≥92
XRFY93 ≥93
XRFY94 ≥94
XRFY95 ≥95

Why Us

· Professional technical team
Do Customizing Better
· 15 Years of gas purification industry experienc technical and manufacturing team
· Professional designing team ensure special demands can be well customized

· Qualified material supply chain
Parts Quality Stability Optimized
· Over 13 years cooperated material supply chain
· Factory aduit every year
· Mature production management
Product Yield Rate Maximized
· Complete induction training
· Clean and orderly working environment and process
· Strict QC system
Production Correctness Enhanced

· Complete incoming / outgoing QC standards and process
· Experienced QC staff  

· QC managers take responsibility for quality complaints
· Flexible packing solution
Shipping Cost Minimized
· Flexible packing ensures loading quantity maximized
· Stronge packing ensures parts safety during transportation
· Clean / Orderly storage system
Product Cleanness / Safety Guaranteed
· Competetly incoming material storage system
· Bright and clean outgoing products warehouse

· Experienced transportation team
Timeliness Guaranteed
· Standard package loading procedure
· Experienced loading workers and shipping team support

· Fast after-sales service
After-sales service promised
· Mature after-sales service policy with 12~18 months warranty + on-site technical support
· Rock-solid financially to accept

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Capacity (Nm3/Hr)

Feed Gas
Dry and Clean Compressed Air

Product Gas
Pure Oxygen Gas

Feed Gas Pressure(MPa)

Minmum Feed Gas Dew Point (Centigrade)

Maximum Feed Gas Residual Oil (Ppm)

Minmum Product Gas Dew Point (Centigrad)

Product Gas Purity (%)

Product Gas Pressure(MPa)
0.6-0.9 (Adjustable)

Product Gas Temperature
Ambient Temperature

Regular Colors
Grey / Blue / White

Color Customizing

Regular Voltage
220V 380V 415V

Voltage Customizing

Transport Package
Wooden Case / Container

5-200 Nm3/hr)



Production Capacity