China High Performance Gear /Agent/ Grease/Lubricant /Oil Jcsf15/30/45

China High Performance Gear /Agent/ Grease/Lubricant /Oil Jcsf15/30/45

Product Description

Product brief introduction
High performance open gear lubricant is made of high viscosity synthetic ester base oil and high efficiency oil soluble additives. It is an environmental friendly open gear lubricant with excellent comprehensive performance. The ultra high viscosity synthetic base oil guarantees the strength of oil film and good low temperature fluidity, and the high performance additive guarantees excellent reduction under extreme pressure. Rub and lubrication performance.

Performance characteristics

  • Non-solvent, non-asphalt products, without heavy metals and chlorine and other harmful elements, base oil can be degraded, no less operational toxicity;
  • With excellent wear reduction, anti-wear and extreme pressure bearing performance, it can provide reliable lubrication protection for the meshing part of gears under overload.
  • No graphite and other solid additives, forming transparent oil film on-line observation of gear wear state, easy to clean the tooth surface during maintenance;
  • High viscosity index, good pumping and viscosity retention, good low temperature fluidity, easy to gear heat dissipation;
  • It has excellent rust resistance, outstanding resistance to water and shear, and comprehensive performance.

Technical details

Kinematic viscosity(40ºC),mm2/s 15000 32000 46000 GB/T 265
Viscosity index 262 284 295 GB/T 1995
Copper corrosion (T2 copper, 100 ºC and 3 h), level 1b 1b 1b GB/T 5096
Four ball machine experiment PB value, N 1254 2450 2450 GB/T 3142
Four ball machine experiment PD value, N >7840 >7840 >7840 GB/T 3142
Grinding spot diameter(75ºC,60min,392N),mm 0.63 0.60 0.60 SH/T 0189

Scope of application

  • It is suitable for lubrication of large heavy duty open gears such as pipe mills, rotary kilns, coal mills, ball mills / Rod Mills / semi-self-selection mills, sintering mixers, etc. in cement, electric power, mining, iron and steel, chemical industries.
  • This product is an open gear agent with excellent comprehensive performance, especially suitable for lubrication of open gear transmission pair of super-large ball mill
  • It is suitable for jet lubrication of oil tank lubrication and dry oil injection system..

50KG,180KG  (drum)


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200L/ customer requirements



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