China High Output Rates 300L Supercritical CO2 Fluid Oil Extraction Plant

China High Output Rates 300L Supercritical CO2 Fluid Oil Extraction Plant

Product Description

Machine Introduction

 HA series supercritical CO2 extraction system is used under high pressure and suitable temperature suitable to extract valuable content from material (solid or liquid), it is to change the pressure and temperature conditions of the separator tanks to let the dissolved substances separated out to achieve the purpose of separation. This technology could be used to make extraction and purification on biological products, foodstuff and medicines, etc.

Application Scope

Range  of Application 
Type of Application 
Pharmaceutical Industry Extraction of effective contents of Chinese herbs, concentration, refinements and precipitation of raw material drug, separation and refinements of fatty mixtures
Foodstuff Industry Extraction of hops, caffeine removal from coffee berry, extraction of plant pigment
Cosmetics and perfumery Industries  Separation and refinement of natural and synthetic perfumeries, dealkalization of tobacco, extraction of raw material cosmetics 
Chemical Industry  Separation of hydrocarbon, refinement of organic synthetic raw material, separation of azeotrope, retrieval of raw materials of reaction, dehydration of water soluble powder of organic solution, water oxidation 
Others Superconducting, semiconductor, ceramics, oil washing of petroleum core, enzyme catalytic reaction, preparation of materials, superfine granules, extraction of complex compound, super critical dyeing technique, super critical reaction, super critical coating technique(pharmacy-making)

Utilized Resources

For Food(Fruit&nuts) Sea buck thorn seeds oil, medlar seed oil, grape seed oil, oildophore oil of glossy ganoderma, walnut oil, fish oil, wheat embryo oil, olive oil, medlar seed oil, kiwifruit oil, seed oil of Job’s tears,hemp oil, seed oil of forest frog, pine pollen oil, cauliflower oil, tea oil, etc. 
Herb&flowers Arteannuin, sun-drops oil, Anglica sineniss oil, chuangxiong rhizome oil, clove oil, atractylis oil, netmeg oil, zedoary turmeric oil, dahurian angelica oil, cinnamon leaf oil, ginkgo oil, men thence, schisandra oil, plantain  seed oil, mother chrysanthemum oil, radix bupleuri oil, Salvia miltiorrhiza extract, herba Andrographis extract,curcuma oil pigment, bee glue, antibiotics prescipitation, lycopin,    Rhizoma  Alismatis oil, yolk powder phospholipid,cortex magnoliae officinalis extract, natural caffeine, Srcandra hainanensis extract,olibanum extract, cyperus oil, maloilcacid, Houttuynia cordata oil, rosemary oil, etc.
Spices  Gingerol, dried tiny shrimp,pepper haematochrome, haematochrome, zanthoxylum oil, allspice oil resin, onion root oil, garlic oil, hops extract, tobacco leaves essence oil, etc


1L/50Mpa/1 Extraction 2 Separation

HA-120-50-02L  2L/50Mpa/1 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-120-50-05L   5L/50Mpa/1 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-220-50-06L  (5+1)L/50Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-120-40-10L 10L/40Mpa/1 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-120-40-11L  (10+1)L/40Mpa/1 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-220-50-10L 5Lx2/50Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-220-40-20L 10Lx2/40Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation
24Lx2/40Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation

24Lx4/40Mpa/4 Extraction 2 Separation

HA-220-40-60L 30Lx2/40Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-420-40-120L 30Lx4/40Mpa/4 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-220-40-100L 50Lx2/40Mpa/2 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-420-40-200L 50Lx4/40Mpa/4 Extraction 2 Separation
HA-620-40-300L 50Lx6/40Mpa/6 Extraction 2 Separation
SCFE-100Lx3  100Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation
200Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation

SCFE-400Lx3 400Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation
SCFE-600Lx3  600Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation
1000Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation

SCFE-1500Lx3 1500Lx3/35Mpa/3 Extraction 2 Separation

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Packing & Delivery

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.



2 Year

Stainless Steel


Plants/Flowers/Herb Extraction

Transport Package
Wooden Package




HS Code

Production Capacity
200 Sets/Year