China Hemp Oil Machine Manufacture Plants Hemp Oil Extraction Machine

China Hemp Oil Machine Manufacture Plants Hemp Oil Extraction Machine

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The supercritical fluid technology is a new-type separation technology in modern chemical separaton. The supercritical extraction takes CO2 as the solvent, as CO2 fluid under supercritical state has larger density and dielectric constant, larger dissolvability against substances, which can change abruptly when temperature and temperature change therefore it has not only the selection if dissolvability against some substances, the separation of the solvent with the extracted substances is also easily. The supercritical CO2 extraction is specially suitable for extraction of fat-soluble and heat-sensitive substances with high boiling point.

Take CO2 as the solvent to make extraction and purification upon a lot of products such as biological products, foodstuff and medicines.


Specifications for Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine
Model  Capacity   Pressure Temp.  Power CO2 pump flow   Dimension(mm) 
HSFE-0.5  0.5L*1 50Mpa   75ºC 10Kw 50L/h    2400*2500*1600 
HSFE-1  1L*1  10Kw 2400*2500*1600 
HSFE-5 5L*1 12Kw 2500*2500*1600 
HSFE-10 5L*2 or 10L*1 40Mpa 16Kw 2500*2500*1600 
HSFE-15 15L*1  20Kw 100L/h  3000*2500*1700  
HSFE-20 10L*2 or 20L*1  20Kw 3000*3000*2400
HSFE-30 15L*2  30Kw 200L/h 3500*3000*2500
HSFE-50 25L*2  45Kw 400L/h  5000*5000*4200
HSFE-100 25L*4  58Kw 600L/h  5800*5000*4200
HSFE-100 50L*2 58Kw 5000*5000*4500
HSFE-120 30L*4  60Kw 800L/h   6800*6000*4500
HSFE-150 50L*3  70Kw 1000L/h  7200*6000*4500
HSFE-200 50L*4 90Kw 7500*7000*4500 
HSFE-300 50L*6 115Kw 8500*9000*4500
HSFE-300 150L*2   110Kw 1200L/h   6000*5000*6000 
For capacity above 300L, will be custom made.


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1.What does BETTER need from me to quote a price?

a).Raw material 
b).Production capacity per batch,we supply 0.5L~300L machine for you,big capacity of machine can be customized according to your request for your request.


2.What material can you process with this machine?
Our CO2 extract machine is widely used in extracting hemp oil, wheat embryo oil,fish oil,tobacco essential oil,Arteannuin,Sundrops oil,Gingerol,Pepper haematochrome,Hops extract etc.


3.What is the machine material you use?
Stainless steel.


4.What is the highest pressure does your machine can suffer?
50Mpa.Our standard design is 40Mpa..


5.Does the CO2 can be reused?
YES. CO2 can be used in circulation.


6.Does you machine can work under the conditions of supercritical and subcritical?
No,it can only work at supercritical state.


7.Can we do extraction test before purchasing?
Of course,we can do extraction test with your raw material and send you videos and pictures 
for your reference.


8.Do you have machine in stock?
No,every machine is customized according to your order.


9.How long does it take to produce the machine once I place my order ?
The Supercritical CO2 extract machine’ process flow is complex.Generally it takes about 60 workdays to Produce.We are responsible for the quality of machine our customers.Every procedure and details has to be inspected strictly.


10.How will my order be packed, can you provide the installation service?
Plywood case. And we will assemble and test the machine before packing. 
Installation:We will send English manual after your purchase. If customer need, we will send one engineer for assembling and training for workers.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.



2 Year

After-sales Service
Oversea Engineer

Extraction Temperature
Home Temperature- 75ºC

The Flow of CO2

Cooling Capacity
5100 Kcal


40 MPa


Power Consumption
9 Kw

Transport Package
Wooden Case




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