China Green Technology Plastic to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

China Green Technology Plastic to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

Product Description

1. Main parts of the waste tires pyrolysis plant

A. Full open door

B. Reactor

C. Gas seperator

D. Smoke scrubber

E. Cooling tower

F. Oil tank

G. Carbon black discharging

H. Waste gas burner

2. Working process

1. Feed the reactor with raw materials through the feeding door by labor or machine and then close it
2. Heat the reactor with coal, wood or other fuels.
3. Some harmful smoke will come out along with the heating, but it can be removed by the
Desulfurization dedusting system.
4. The smoke from the exhaust disposal system is no different from the air. The draft fan helps to
Inhale the smoke from the pipe and then release it into air more quickly.
5. The oil gas will travel from the reactor to gas separate, in which the heavy oil and impurities will
Depart from the gas due to the gravity. Then the gas will continue its journey into the depositing tank
For a second separation. The cleaned oil gas will run into the cooling condensing/pipes in the
Cooling pool, where the gas will convert to liquid, the oil, and then flow into the oil tank for storage.
6. There will be some waste gas in the oil tank. It will follow the pipe over the oil tank into the cooling
Pool for a second condensing so that the remained oil gas could turn to oil to improve the oil
Yield rate.
7. As for the waste gas, the part that cannot transform to liquid will go to the water seal and then to the furnace for burning. It is not only environment protection but also energy conservation.

3.Data Sheet

1 Equipment Model XY-8
2 Door Model Full Open Door
3 Suitable Raw Materials Rubber/Plastic Products
4 Structure Horizontal Type Revolves
5 Reactor Size Φ2200*6000mm  Φ2500*6600mm
6 Capacity for One Batch 5-6Mt; 8-10Mt
7 Oil Yield of Tires 40%-45%
8 Work Pressure Normal Pressure
9 Reactor Rotation Speed 0.4R/M
10 Fuels Choice Coal, Wood
11 Power 18KW/H
12 Cooling Method Water Cycling
13 Type of Drive External Annular Gear
14 Heating Method Direct
15 Type of Installation With Foundation
16 Noise dB(A) <=85
17 Operation Mode Intermittent Operation
18 Total Weight(MT) 25-40
19 Installation Space Required 30m*10m
20 Manpower 3~4/batch
21   Shipment Ф2200×6000=1*40HC+1*40FR

4. After-sales service

1. Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the main reactor of pyrolysis machines and lifetime
Maintenance for complete set of machines.
2. Our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer’s site including the training of
Skills of the buyer’s workers on operation, maintenance, etc.
3. Supply layout according to buyer’s workshop and land, civil works information, operation manuals, etc. To
The buyer.
4. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price.
5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Oil Yield

Less Than 85


Raw Materials
Waste Tire Rubber and Plastic

Work Pressure
Normal Pressure

Reactor Rotation Speed


Operating Mode
Intermittent Operation

Total Weight

Transport Package

CE, ISO, SGS standard

Shangqiu jinpeng

Henan, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
80sets Per Month