China GMP, ISO, HACCP Certificate for High Content Fish Oil Total Omega 3 More Than 80%

China GMP, ISO, HACCP Certificate for High Content Fish Oil Total Omega 3 More Than 80%

Product Description

1.Product Name: High Concentration Fish Oil

2.Product Insruction:
                 Refined fish oil refers to the fish internal lipid which is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexenoic acid).                                                            
                 The general fish contains little EPA and DHA, only in cold and deep sea fishes, like anchovy,salmon,
sardine, etc,that are all rich in EPA and DHA , but any other animals which are living in land hardly contain EPA and DHA. It is the reason why we use the deep sea fishes to refine the EPA and DHA.


4.Fuction:1) Regulate blood lipids, clean up thrombus, prevent blood coagulation, prevent cerebral thrombosis,
                    cerebral hemorrhage and stroke.
                2) Prevent arthritis, relieve gout and asthma, and temporarily relieve swelling and pain caused by                       arthritis.
                3) Prevent Alzheimer’s disease, nourish the brain and improve memory.
                4) Improve eyesight and prevent presbyopia.
                5) Maintenance of the retina.

Cooperation Introduction
  Shandong yuwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a professional base for refined fish oil,softgel and hard capsule OEM,which has been spcializing in exporting for two decades as well as enters into long-term cooperation relationship ecp. in North America and Europe.
  WIth  20 years’  stable development,we have built whole industrial chain for refined fish oil and passed the certificates of GMP and HACCP by FDA.

  At present,our refined fish oil is exquisitely made by taking Peru marine fish oil and produce 1000 metric tons of refined fish oil annually.Meanwhile,as client’s requirement,we can produce different content fish oil wit EPA and DHA.
  Finally,hoping to
cooperate  with you in the near future.

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