China Glycerol Plant Glycerol Processing Machinery Crude Glycerol Purification Plant Bio Diesel Oil /B100 Biodiesel Production Line From Uco

China Glycerol Plant Glycerol Processing Machinery Crude Glycerol Purification Plant Bio Diesel Oil /B100 Biodiesel Production Line From Uco

Product Description

Glycerol Plant Glycerol Processing Machinery Crude Glycerol Purification Plant

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing our dependence on foreign petroleum, creating jobs and improving the environment.
The EPA has recognized biodiesel’s environmental benefits by classifying it as an Advanced Biofuel, making biodiesel the only commercial-scale fuel produced nationwide to meet the agency’s advanced criteria.

What is the scale of biodiesl machine and biodiesel plant?

 Raw material receiving ~ 200t/d

 Raw material storage scale ~20000t

 Pre-treatment workshop 50~200t /d

 Synthetic refining workshop 50~200t /d

Processes of Biodiesel Plant



There are many moisture, impurity in the raw material, so before esterification must first to make roughly filter, fine filter and falling film drying treatment, in order to get the standard oil.

Esterification Reaction

According to a certain proportion and velocity put standard raw oil, glycerol and catalyst into esterification reaction tower, open heating device by adjusting to the requirements of the technical parameters, during the reaction process, water removed promptly from the system. After sampling and testing, can be continuous discharge. The main free fatty acid and glycerol are the main free fatty acids and glycerol to produce triglyceride and water, while a small amount of single and two.

Trans Esterification

The responses of ester exchange reaction occurs mainly by the reaction of triglyceride and methanol, in the reaction process mainly generated methyl ester and glycerol, and part of the monoglycerides, diglycerides are generated.

Biodiesel Distillation

the biodiesel distillation unit is a multi – type self – diversion and vacuum distillation unit, and the distillation system is heated by heat conduction oil.The utility model has the advantages in distillation, distillation, separation system as a whole, reducing the biodiesel residence time in the equipment, to ensure that the color of the biodiesel, cold material first and finished heat and heating into a distillation tower, give full consideration to the secondary utilization of heat energy, saving the production cost.

Glycerin Refining

Due to the ester exchange containing methanol and little soap, recycling must be done before the alcohol treatment to avoid loss of methanol. The first glycerol ester exchange settlement after the discharge of introducing glass lined reactor regulation in a neutral or weak acidic, backward in glycerin settlement the desalting tank, then into the distillation tower of dewatering of purified alcohols. 

Methanol Recovery

Excess methanol in the system will go to distillated in the methanol distillation tower and then be recycling used.


 glycerin purification process

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Crude Glycerol Purification Plant

Conversion Rate
at Least 97%

Machine Type
Biodiesel Prices for Sale

ISO 14214A and ASTM D 6751

Finished Product
Biodiesel, Glycerin, Pitch

Energy Saving, High Conversion

Raw Materials
Vegetable Fat and Acid, Animal Fat

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HS Code

Production Capacity
1 Set /Month