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China Ghagf

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GHAGF-12 Series Filling Sealing Labeling Machinery for Soy Oil


No. Name Unit
Qty Total
1 12 heads servo motor filling machine 28676 1 set 28676 ±1% filling accuracy for 100~1000ml, ±2% filling accuracy for less than 100ml, touch liquid part SUS316, others is SUS304, leave a inlet for link to customer‘s exist CIP system
2 Auto unload bottle manipulator 375 1set 375 Optional
3 High speed labeling machine 14117 1 set 14117 2 sticker labels
4 Pump + spray system 671 1set 671 Install inside the hopper
5 Bottle mould 266 2kind 1069 60pcs per bottle,optional
6 Install charge 4832 1time 4832 Visa+flight ticket+14 days training+
7 Shipping charge 6910 1time 6910 To Unilever Kenya limited
Commercial Street, industrial area, Nairobi, box 30062-00100, Kenya
Total EXW: 56650.00 USD

Customer’s liquid nature:

Customer’s require: 3600BPH-1000ml, voltage: 415VAC±10%, 3 Phase, 50Hz. Or 240VAC±10%, 1 phase

Customer’s bottle:
1  12 heads servo motor filling machine
This automatic piston-style liquid filling machine adopts 316 and 304 stainless steel controlled by servo motor, and it can use different filling heads to meet customers’ production demands, Besides, it can also link to other cap feeder and capping machines in the production line.  It takes up only a little room, economical and practical, widely used for filling liquids in industries like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, food, cosmetics, etc. It is in full compliance with the GMP requirements.


  1. Adopting plunger-style metering pump and servo motor control to fill,  suitable for filling various viscous liquids.
  2. Servo motor control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision.
  3. With high-position liquid storage, liquid level switch automatically controls material feeding.
  4. Filling heads with anti-drip device and with function of back-sucking, ensuring no phenomena of the wire drawing and dripping and leakage.
  5. The whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect, convenient to change different specifications.
  6. Imported PLC control system, frequency conversion, no filling without bottles, with high degree of automation.
  7. Electric & pneumatic parts are all world-famous brands, like Japan Mitsubishi, France Schneider .
Item GHAGF-12 Air pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
Filling nozzles 12 Voltage customized
Filling range 50~1000ml Size 2500*1200*2200
Filling accuracy ±1% Weight 1100kg
Speed 3600BPH-1000ml (lotion liquid)    

2  Auto high labeling machine:

  1. Basic application:

It is suitable for not only flat double lateral, round bottle, but also dysmorphism shape bottle single or double labeling.  It is widely used for cosmetic, daily food and others industries.

  1. Feature:
    1. Powerful function: meet various bottle shape single or double labeling ( round, flat and square bottle).
    2. Adopted double lateral rigid plastic synchronous guidance chain for automatic ensure bottle central position.  Lower requirement of worker loading bottle and contact to other linear machine.  Not only independent working, but also can contact to linear production line.
    3. Configure spring press top device, ensure stable conveyor and reduce the error of bottle height.
    4. Automatic bottle separation guide device, for stable conveyor and labeling process.
    5. Double working position labeling which make sure remove air bubble.
    6. AI automatic photo electric guidance controlling system.  No bottle no labeling, automatic adjusting and label checking function.
    7. Machine made of SUS material, meet GMP standard.


  1. Device list
Name Qty Brand Name Qty Brand
Servo motor 2 set Delta/Panasonic Label guidance eyes 2 set Leuze/Data Sensor
Servo driver 2 set Delta/Panasonic Detect eyes 1 set Panasonic/Riko
Conveyor motor 1 set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC PLC 1 set Panasonic
Screen 1 set WECON Conveyor frequency invert 1 set TECO
Label speed 30-200p/min
Accuracy ±1mm
Max label height 200mm
Bottle height Square bottle:350mm
Round bottle:300mm, diameter:φ25mm~φ100mm

1.The label height is more important than the bottle itself height.
2.For square bottle, label and bottle height place key important.  Square bottle  length more than 300mm, width more than 400mm, max height350mm.
Voltage 220V
Size L3000*W1500*H1600mm

Note: this labeling machine is very standard, and many many years experience show that it is very much stable working condition.  We suggest no change any electrical components.

Our factory’s profile:

Parameters Table

Model NO.
GHAGF-12 Series

Filling Principle
Atmospheric Pressure

Packaging Container Lifting Structure
Pneumatic Lifting



Taiwan Delta

Servo Motor
Taiwan Delta

Frequency Converter
Taiwan Delta / French Schneider

Filling Nozzles

Touch Screen
Taiwan Weinview

Japan Keyence

Transport Package
Wooden Case



Guangzhou China

HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Set/ Month