China Gear Oil for Gl

China Gear Oil for Gl

Product Description

Gear Oil for GL-5 75W-90 80W-90 85W-90 All Kinds of Heavy Machineries and Vehicles, Gear Oil

The product adopts imported base oil and imported compound additives, and is formulated with advanced technology.
First-class heat and oxidation resistance.
The first-class anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties can effectively prevent the engine parts from wearing and rusting.
Scope of application: Suitable for non-automatic gearboxes, driving axles and hyperbolic gears of various excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, forklifts and other construction machinery and construction vehicles.
Nansome new construction machinery series comprehensive, systematic, professional lubrication and maintenance solutions Environmental protection, ergonomics and other new topics, provide new lubrication solutions for global construction machinery, mining, metallurgy, roads, hydropower construction, and infrastructure projects. The new construction machinery series products are derived from years of technical accumulation in the national laboratory of Yuangen Petrochemical, refined from world-renowned high-quality base oils and additives, meeting the global mainstream construction machinery industry specifications, and providing comprehensive, systematic and professional lubrication protection for global construction machinery And excellent lubrication experience.
Super-molecular-polymerization is a revolutionary innovation.The molecular structure created by SMP can prevent the protective lubricating film from decomposing when it is exposed to common factors such as extreme temperature, sludge accumulation or engine pressure increase.
Technical Advantages:
1.Better Startup Protection 
2.Improved Engine Power Performance
3.Ease in Coping with More Extreme Conditions
4.Economy Brought by Lower Fuel Consumption

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Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant

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Production Capacity
400000 Tons/Year