China Full Automatic Electric Oil Corn Popcorn Machines Production Line

China Full Automatic Electric Oil Corn Popcorn Machines Production Line

Product Description

Electric Oil flavored popcorn mixer production line 
Product Description

Commercial flavored popcorn machine

Automatic popcorn machine is the latest independent research and development of equipment for producing ball shape popcorn, this machine is energy-efficient, small foot print, health, high rate, no noise, the advantages of simple operation. From raw materials to processing technology of equipment, our company provides a full range of services, the device widely used for snack food factory, bakery,  suitable for investment in small businesses, less investment and quick results, is the best choice for entrepreneurs. 
More flavors taste popcorns:
1) Basic flavor: salt popcorn, sweet popcorn, caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn etc;
2) More flavorings: coffee popcorn, strawberry popcorn and cheese popcorn etc if you can get these flavorings powder from market. 

Flow chart of commercial flavored popcorn machine:

Popcorn machine — Cooling conveyor — Drum screening machine — Packaging machine

Depending on different request, the line could adjust as your special request.

Product Parameters

Voltage of commercial flavored popcorn machine: 

Three phases of Popcorn machine with price: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz in china, we can make it according to customers’ Local voltage in different countries

Technical Parameter of commercial flavored popcorn machine:

Model  Installed power Inner diameter Throughput Dimension
MCZ100XJB 43KW  900mm 120~150kg/h 6000*2000*2000mm
GCZ100XJB 83KW 900mm 250~300kg/h  10000*2000*2000mm
Customized capacity production line 


1. Popcorn making machine

1. Easily operation and fast to learn.
2. The mixer inside is still swing no stop to avoid the burnt inside of tank. 
3. The temperature can be controlled automatically.

Technical Parameter:
Raw materials of corn: 3~4kg/batch
Output of popcorn: 9~12kg/batch
One batch takes 5mins  

2. Cooling conveyor 

This machine is used to cool the popcorn before into the roller separate machine.

Technical Parameter:
Power: 0.87kw
Effective dimension: 3000×550mm
Dimension: 3200×1050×1500mm

3. Drum screening machine

This machine is used to remove the un-sized popcorn and un-popped corn. Its roller speed can be adjustable by invertors.
Total stainless steel.

Technical Parameter:
Power: 0.55kw
Capacity: 200kgs/hr
Dimension: 1800*`1300*1732mm 

4. 420 Ten head full automatic weighing packaging machine:

1. It can pack 10g to 100g popcorn and pack different bag sizes. 
2. Advantage: 
1) Accurated weighing; 
2) It can pack mushroom popcorn and butterfly popcorn; 
3) The grams can be setted according to your different products, also can pack other products;  
4) PLC touch screen system, automatic working and easy operation. 
3. Include:
1) Z type bucket Hoist;
2) SX420 Large vertical automatic packaging machine;
3) SX-A Features of ten-hopper computer combination scale;
4) Working Platform; 
5) Product conveyor. 

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Parameters Table

Flavored Popcorn

Mushroom Ball, Butterfly

120~150kg/H; 250~300kg/H and up

Material of Machine
Food Grade Stainless Steel

Raw Material
Corn, Sugar, Popcorn Oil/Palm Oil

Popcorn Machines

Factory with Professional Engineers

Full Set Prep-Sale and After Sale Service

Transport Package



Jinan, China

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